Test One Review: Alternative Media: Test Date March 22, 2010.
Test Format (picking 4 essay questions out of 6-7 essay areas).

Items to Review:
1. The Journalistic Continuum (Key variables amd categories)
2. Factors behind the “Golden Age” of commercial journalism.
3. Factors behind the decline of “professional” commercial journalism.
*Trends in commercial news content and personnel.
(Scott/Gobetz article & Lecture)
*Pandering to segmented audiences: Climate change article: Fox vs. CNN
4. The definitional parameters/characteristics of Alternative Journalism/media
5. How does Alternative Media differ from professional non-profit journalism/media.
6. Horizontal vs. Vertical Media
7. The contemporaneous Alternative media critique (what are the messages of alternative media; that the mainstream commercial media fail to discuss? = several)
8. Historical Aspects of Alternative Media:
*Agenda of early alternative outlets (examples)
*Alternative media and muckraking (examples)
*The Golden Age of Alternative Media (1960s): themes/outlets
*Key publications and characteristics of each.
*Ways the US government have historically harassed alternative media outlets
9. How well have alternative messages on mainstream media fared? --
*What led to the demise of the Smothered Brothers and Moore’s TV shows.
*Program Messages of Smothered Brothers and Michael Moore?
*How did these shows ever managed to get on the air?
*Arguably how do these programs represent an example of alternative media
(despite their commercial sponsorship).
10. How does the commercially sponsored journalism censor itself?
*The case study of Fox News and Modified Milk products.
11. How is news treated as a commodity ?
12. What would be the ideal commercial story types? Explain.
13. What categories of journalism is avoided in commercially sponsored news
outlets? Why?
14. How has the media marketplace consolidated over the past 30 years?
stats and mediums
15. Consolidation Impacts on journalism, the public and democracy from media consolidation.lecture and Klinenberg article and videos).
16. What does the research (Scott/Gobetz/Chanlor)tell us about localism in news under media consolidation?
16. The original purpose of PBS?
17. Structural problems in in Public Broadcasting
18. The 2005 PBS crisis and the political vunerabilities of PBS independence.
(what happened: e.g. Tomlinson etc.)
19. In what ways has PBS censored itself?
20. What does the research tell us about source diversity on the PBS NewsHour?
21. In what ways can PBS be improved?
Alternative media