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  • Name: Tracy Stone Johnston
  • Undergraduate school: Northeastern State University
  • Position: Mathematics Educator
  • Company: Eagle-Sagonal Independent School
  • Industry Sector: Education

What she does:

  •  Tracy Stone Johnston is a first year professional teacher for Eagle-Sagonal Independent School.  She currently teaches eighth grade Pre-Algebra and Honors Algebra I classes.  Tracy works to instill in young people not only the ability to solve math problems, but the importance of math in their lives as well.


Math on the job:

  •  In general the math skills Tracy uses in her job are basic math, algebra, and geometry.  Of course, averaging and normalizing scores is a big part of her paper work.  Tracy found many of the projects she was involved with during her internships interesting, but her favorite dealt with proportions and scale.  The class was split up into small groups and was told to take accurate measurements of  a Barbie doll.  Through the lesson, the students not only learned how to use scale and proportion, but they also learned just how unrealistic Barbie is.

Tracy's background:

  •  Tracy graduated from Northeastern State University with a B.S. degree in Secondary Mathematics Education in December, 2004.  She says that she will be calling upon all the math skills she has acquired through both school and 20 years of tutoring.  When asked what other skills are needed, she simply said, “There are too many to name.”

Advice for students:

  •  Her very important advice to leave with any high school or college student interested in pursuing mathematics is to “hang in there and form study groups whenever possible.  Do your best to really understand the material that is being presented because it is more important to learn than to make an A.”