Dr. John Mercer

Professor of English

Northeastern State University



To learn, and at due times to share what one has learned, is it not after all a pleasure?

Confucius, Analects


Office: Northeastern State University – Broken Arrow, BALA 280


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Telephone: 918-449-6541


Fax for faculty in Liberal Arts building: 918-449-6571


E-mail: mercer@nsuok.edu or mercer25@att.net


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Guidelines for Requesting Letters of Recommendation


Office hours for Fall 2014 (August 18-December 11 except holidays):

All times are p.m. unless labeled a.m.

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 3:00-4:20, 7:20-7:40

Wednesday 11:30 a.m.-12:50, 3:50-5:10


English Education majors:

 If you have questions about the English Education Project or other aspects of our English Education program,

please contact NSU’s English Education specialist, Ms. Laura Searcy, at searcyl@nsuok.edu or 918-444-3624.


Documents for all classes

These documents are also posted in Blackboard in the folder “Documents for All Classes.” 

Instructions for Extra-Credit Submissions

Extra-Credit Submission Form, Version 1

Extra-Credit Submission Form, Version 2 (if you can’t access Version 1)

Key to Correction Symbols

Writing a Video/DVD Critique

Computer Format and Manuscript Form

Explanation of Essay Grades


Fall 2014 classes

All course documents will posted on Blackboard at https://nsuok.blackboard.com.


ENGL 4993: English Capstone Experience (updated for Fall 2014)



Fall Intersession 2014 class (July 19, July 26-August 2, 2014)

ENGL 4**3/5**3, THTR 4343, HUM 4003:

Study Away: Shakespeare



Spring 2013 classes

ENGL 4623/5653: Emily Dickinson



Spring 2012 classes

ENGL 3413: World Literature


ENGL 3653: English Literature II


ENGL 4663: History of the English Language


ENGL 4603/5413 & AMST 5833: American Drama



Fall 2011 classes

ENGL 4203: Shakespeare: Histories and Comedies


ENGL 5583: Studies in Shakespeare



Spring 2011 classes

ENGL 4313 / 5583: Shakespeare: Tragedies



ENGL 4693 / 5613 & AMST 5843: Mark Twain



Fall 2010 classes

ENGL 3543: English Literature I



Summer Intersession 2009 class

ENGL 4903/5633, THTR 4303, HUM 4003:

Study Away: Shakespeare


Spring 2009 classes

ENGL 4603/5613 & AMST 5853: American Drama


Summer Intersession 2008

ENGL 4333/5413: Study Away: Shakespeare


Slide Show of Trip to Oregon Shakespeare Festival

This slide show with music contains 43.33 MB of data.  Click on the URL above, then on “Study Away Trip,” then on
“TITLE01.wmv” to download this show to your computer.


Spring 2007 classes

ENGL 3033: Types of Literature


Other classes

ENGL 4123: Advanced Composition I





We never know how high we are

Till we are asked to rise

And then if we are true to plan        

Our statures touch the skies

Emily Dickinson, #1176