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The NSU BA Library has a growing Law Reference collection.    Some of the most useful print resources in the Law Reference collection are:


Call Number


American Law Reports Annotated (ALR 2nd

KF132 .A5

Law Reference BA Library

ALR 3rd 

KF132 .A53

Law Reference BA Library

ALR 4th 

KF132 .A54

Law Reference BA Library


KF132 .A47

Law Reference BA Library

Corpus Juris Secundum (Index to Criminal Law)

KF105 .C648

Law Reference BA Library

West’s Federal Forms

KF8836 .W4

Law Reference BA Library

West’s Oklahoma Digest 2nd

KFO1247.1 .W47

Law Reference BA Library

West’s Oklahoma Court Rules & Procedures

KFO1729 .A197

Law Reference BA Library




Other Law material found in the General Reference collection:


Call Number


Black’s Law Dictionary 

KF156 .B53 1999

Reference BA Library

Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation

KF245  .B58 2000

Reference BA Library

Burton’s Legal Thesaurus

KF156 .B856 1998b

Reference BA Library

A Handbook of Basic Law Terms

KF156 .H359 1999

Reference BA Library

Law & Legal Information Directory

KF190 .L35 2003

Reference BA Library

Legal Writing in Plain English

KF250 .G373 2001

Reference BA Library








 Electronic Databases and Indexes

America: History & Life (ABC-Clio)

GPO (U.S. Gov Pubs via FirstSearchOK)

CCH Internet Tax Research Network

Government Periodicals Universe

CIS Government Periodicals (LexisNexis)

WestLaw  (Law information)


(information in a wide range of subjects)

ODL Online (Oklahoma State Portal)


(information in a wide range of subjects)

Wilson Omnifile

(information in a wide range of subjects)

Oklahoma Resources


Oklahoma Courts

Oklahoma Legal Research

Courts.Net Nations Court Directory

Oklahoma Public Legal Research System

OSCN Oklahoma State Court Network

OSCN Legal Research Link

Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals

State of Oklahoma Constitution

Supreme Court of Oklahoma

Tulsa Race Riot Commission Report

U.S. Courts: Northern District of Oklahoma


City Government

City of Tulsa

Tulsa City Council


Tulsa City Ordinances

Tulsa City Charter

Tulsa County

State Government

All Law State Resources - Oklahoma

Oklahoma Legislature

Oklahoma Administrative Decisions

Oklahoma Department of Corrections


10th Circuit Courts and Opinions

Colorado District - U.S. Courts 

Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals

Court of Appeals Opinions
after October 1, 1997 (

U.S. Courts: Northern District of Oklahoma

Opinions 1995-October 1997 (Emory Law)

Utah District

New Mexico District

 Utah  Bankruptcy Court

Oklahoma Northern District  Bankruptcy Court

Wyoming District

Oklahoma Northern District  U.S. Attorneys

Wyoming  Bankruptcy Court

Statistical Resources



Statistical Abstracts of the United States

FBI: Uniform Crime Reports


Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics

Statistical Resources on the Web




 Federal Register

 JILT: Journal of Information, Law and    Technology

 Business Law Today

 First Monday

 Law and Politics Book Review


 Government Information in Canada / Information Gouvernmentale au Canada

 M.E.L.O.N (Multimedia &  Entertainment Law Online News)

 European Journal of International Law

 Human Rights Brief

 Red Feather Journal of Postmodern Criminology

 Federal Communications Law Journal

 Policy Action Network (Was: Idea Central)

 Roll Call Online

 Federal Courts Law Review

 International Journal of Communications Law and Policy

 Western Criminology Review





Other Legal Journals on the Web
University of Southern California Law School Research Links




Alphabetically listed by title


         Alaska Law Review (Duke University School of Law) - A scholarly and professional journal that
        responds to the needs of Alaska's diverse legal community. It contains articles and notes on a wide
        range of legal areas, including natural resources law, environmental law, land use planning, economic
        development, state-federal relations, and Native American rights.

        Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal (University of Hawaii William S. Richardson School of Law) -
        Founded in 1999 as the first fully functional web-based legal journal to provide a worldwide forum for
        the presentation and discussion of legal, policy-based, and socio-economic issues that arise in or impact
        the geographic regions of East Asia and Polynesia, as well as the individual nations of those regions,
        and Australia.

        Bankruptcy Developments Journal - A publication of the Emory University School of Law.

        Berkeley Technology Law Journal - Published twice each year by the students of Boalt Hall School of
        Law, University of California at Berkeley.

        Computer Law Review and Technology Journal - Published quarterly at the Southern Methodist
        School of Law, in cooperation with the Computer Section of the State Bar of Texas.

        Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum (Duke University School of Law) - The Forum takes
        advantage of the Law School's close relationship with the Nicholas School of the Environment and the
        Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy as it presents scholarship related to both the legal and policy
        analyses of environmental issues.

        Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law (Duke University School of Law) - Published on a
        semi-annual basis, the Journal draws upon the law school faculty's academic specialties and school's
        J.D./LL.M in International and Comparative Law degree program.

        Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy (Duke University School of Law) - An interdisciplinary
        publication devoted to the discussion of gender issues in the context of law and public policy.

        East European Constitutional Review (New York University University Law School and Central
        European University)

        Emory International Law Review - Published semi-annually by students of the Emory University School
        of Law.

         Gonzaga Journal of International Law (Gonzaga University School of Law) -  A practice-oriented international law journal,
         student edited by law review standards and created specifically for World Wide Web publishing. Our
         goal is to serve as a forum for academics, attorneys, business people, and government officials with an
         interest in international matters.

        Hofstra Cyberlaw Forum (Hofstra University School of Law) - An online publication which publishes
        professional, faculty and student works involving current issues in cyberlaw.

        Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies - Published by the Indiana University School of Law -
        Bloomington. A faculty-edited, peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal focusing on the intersections of
        global and domestic legal regimes, markets, politics, technologies, and cultures.

        Intellectual Property and Technology Forum (Boston College Law School) - A legal publication
        dedicated to providing readers with rigorous, innovative scholarship, timely reporting, and ongoing
        discussion from the legal community concerning technology law and intellectual property.

        Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law (Florida State University College of Law) - Published twice
        a year, fall and spring.

        Journal of Online Law (College of William and Mary School of Law) - An electronic publication of
        scholarly essays about law and online communications--law and cyberspace. The first issue was
        released early in June, 1995.

        Journal of Technology Law & Policy (University of Florida College of Law) - Began as a project of the
        Internet and Computer Law Association, a University of Florida student organization, but has existed as
        a separate student organization since the Spring of 1996. Publishes articles concerning legal issues in
        technology as well as policy.

        Law & Contemporary Problems (Duke University School of Law) - A symposium-based journal, with
        each issue devoted to a single subject selected by a faculty editor.

        Law & Inequality : A Journal of Theory and Practice (University of Minnesota Law School) -
        Addresses inequality as it affects all persons -- individual and group experiences of systematic
        oppression, how the law contributes to their lack of power, and how the law might remedy or begin to
        end individual- and group-based oppression.

        Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review - A scholarly journal published jointly by
        The University of Michigan Law School and The University of Michigan Business School. Articles
        highlight the interaction among legal, technical, public policy, and business issues as technological
        changes force a reexamination of the fundamental institutions of society.

        National Journal of Sexual Orientation Law - The first on-line law journal in the country and the second
        devoted exclusively to legal issues affecting lesbians, gay men and bisexuals. The Journal's primary
        purpose is to disseminate information and ideas about law and sexual orientation in an efficient and
        timely manner, but without duplicating the recent inclusion of articles on sexual orientation in traditional
        law reviews.

        RISK: Health, Safety & Environment (Franklin Pierce Law Center) - A refereed, interdisciplinary
        quarterly exploring public and private efforts to manage science and technology for net reduction in the
        probability, severity and aversive quality of health, safety and environmental impacts of natural and
        artificial hazards.

        UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs (University of California, Los Angeles School
        of Law) - A student-run, interdisciplinary publication dedicated to promoting scholarship in international
        studies. It is the first student journal to bridge the historical divide between International Relations and
        International Law. The Journal intends to bring together scholarship from these traditionally estranged
        disciplines, as well as related fields such as international economics, under a single cover to symbolize
        their union.

        Villanova Sports & Entertainment Law Journal (Villanova University School of Law) - Dedicated to
        publishing scholarly work, written by law students, professors, and practitioners pertaining to sports
        and entertainment law topics.

        Yale Human Rights & Development Law Journal (Yale Law School) - The intent behind the Journal is
        to create a forum that represents a wide range of viewpoints. The Editorial Board does not adhere to
        any single conception of human rights or development, and encourages the publication of pieces that
        reflect a variety of political persuasions and cultural backgrounds.[Top]

Alphabetically listed by title


        British Journal of Criminology - One of the most influential journals in its field in the English speaking
        language. It is widely consulted by academics and researchers in criminology, probation and social
        work, and by professionals concerned with law, criminal justice, and penology. (Oxford University
        Press) (*abstracts only)

        Journal on Criminal and Civil Confinement (New England School of Law) - Created by
        students and faculty with an interest in correctional law who recognized the need for a written exchange
        of ideas on related subjects.

        Public Law Research Institute Reports (University of California, Hastings College of Law) - Analyzes
        legal issues that currently confront California's state and local governments, at the request of various
        state and local governmental offices, including the California Senate Office of Research and the
        Research Bureau of the California State Library.

        Scientific Testimony: An Online Journal - Publishes articles, news reports and commentary about the
        use of scientific evidence in legal proceedings. It also offers an archive of information useful to lawyers,
        forensic scientists and expert witnesses. Edited and published by faculty and students of the Department
        of Criminology, Law & Society, University of California, Irvine.

        University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law - Provides a forum for the interdisciplinary
        study of Constitutional law.

        Western Criminology Review - Official journal of the Western Society of Criminology providing a
         forum for the publication and discussion of theory, research, policy and practice in the rapidly changing
         and interdisciplinary fields of criminology and criminal justice.[Return]

Alphabetically listed by title

 ABA in Brief (Division of Media Relations and Public Affairs)

 Child CourtWorks (Center on Children and the Law)

 ABA Journal

 Family Advocate (Family Law Section)

 Administrative & Regulatory Law News (Administrative Law Section)

 Focus on Law Studies (Division for Public Education)

 Antitrust Magazine (Antitrust Law Section)

 Human Rights (Individual Rights & Responsibilities Section)

 Business Law Today (Business Law Section)

 Legal Services Now Newsletter (Division for Legal Services)

 The Business Lawyer (Business Law Section)

 Probate & Property Magazine (Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section)

Alphabetically listed by title

         Electronic Journal Miner - The Electronic Journal Access Project is part of a development effort by the
         nonprofit Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries (The Alliance).  This home page provides a title and
         subject organization of electronic serial publications (e.g. journals, newsletters, magazines, e'zines, webzines)
         on the Internet.    

         Lists of Newspaper & Periodical Resources on the Internet - A Library of Congress Internet Resource

        New Jour - This is the archive for New Jour, the internet list for new journals and newsletters available
        on the Internet.

        Uncle Sam Migrating Government Publications - This page produced by the Government Publications
        Dept. at the University of Memphis is an attempt to track printed government publications that are
        migrating to the Internet by identifying URLs and linking them directly to the electronic documents. The
        list is limited to serials and periodicals and includes publications in dual format and in electronic format
        only. It is arranged both alphabetically by title and by Superintendent of Documents classification

Alphabetically listed by title


Full text search of law reviews and journals on the Internet.

Hieros Gamos Legal Publications On-line

Worldwide legal directory of law journals, books, reference/dictionaries, legal forms, US court cases & law libraries

Law Journals on the Net

A listing of full-text law reviews available on the Web.

University Law Review Project

Search the full text of law reviews online & also subscribe to the free abstract e-mail service of

FindLaw, Stanford and law reviews[Top]

Law Enforcement, Crime News, and Victims Rights Web Resources
Duquesne University Center
for Legal Information


American Civil Liberties Union 
(Freedom Network

Criminal Justice Resources: 
School Safety & Violence

National Criminal Justice Reference Service

American Correctional Association

DOJ- Bureau of Justice Statistics

National Organization for Victim Assistance


FSU Criminal Justice Links

Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention

Federal Bureau of Prisons (DOJ)

Officer .com (Law enforcement news, products & careers)


Forfeiture Endangers American Rights

Partnership Against Violence Network

Crime &

Human Rights Watch

Prison News

(News, articles, & resources affecting prisoners across the US)

Crime News

Institute for Criminal Justice Studies

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics

Crime Statistics site

Meta-Index for U.S. Legal Research

VERA Institute of Justice

Crime Trends of the 90's

Most Wanted .org


Criminal Justice & Legal Studies 
(NSU-Tahlequah webpage)

National Center for Victims of Crime

(Resource & advocacy organization)



Paralegal Web Resources


American Association for Paralegal Education (AAPE)

National Paralegal Association (NPA)

California Alliance of Paralegal Associations (CAPA) (NFPA)

 Law & Paralegal Resources (E. Sturm Library)

Paralegal’s Cyber Tool Box

National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA)

Paralegal Web Resources (A.C. O’Connell Library)


General Legal Web Resources


Core Documents of U.S. Democracy (GPO)

Internet Law Library

Cornell Legal Information Institute

Jurist Legal News & Research (U of Pitt)

Federal Government Agency Links (Global Computing)

Law Guru .com

Federal Government Resources on the Web (U Mich.)

Links 2  Law (Middletown Thrall Library)

Federal Web Locator (Civil Litigation Digest –

Free Public Access Legal Information Directory Service)

Fifty States Links (Global)



National Indian Law Library (NARF)

Georgetown University Law Center

Oklahoma State Courts Network (OSCN)

(US) Government Information (by Subject -- Idaho State)

Washburn University School of Law (WashLaw)



'Finding the Law' Web Resources

Legal Search Engines, Directories, and Other Research Tools


American Law Sources Online

Provides a comprehensive, uniform, and useful compilation of links to freely accessible on-line sources of law for the United States and Canada


Ask Bill!

Official government sites and links to legal information on the Internet for legal researchers in the Seventh Circuit (Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin)



Thousands of legal sites, cases, codes, forms, law reviews, law schools, bar associations, law firms, experts, CLE courses, and much more


 Indiana University School of Law 
World Wide Web Virtual Library

Provides information about publishers and vendors of law-related resources as well as law schools and libraries


Internet Legal Resource Guide

A comprehensive guide to legal resources available online

Inter-Law's 'Lectric Library, a variety of legal information together with links to other law-related sites





 Southern Illinois University

 School of Law Library Research Links

Great cite with various links to: evaluating and rating websites; legal search engines; legal research & writing; legal forms; and law related advocacy  & research organizations

Information about West Group products and services (Thomas West, WestLaw.)   Ability to browse product links by topics & jurisdictions



Federal & State Court Web Resources


 Federal Courts Finder

Hosted by Emory University, this site connects to all federal court web sites (Circuit Courts of Appeal, U.S. District Courts, Bankruptcy Courts, Armed Forces, Federal Claims Court, International Trade, Tax Court, and Veterans Claims) by clicking on a map of the U.S. and its territories.

 Federal Judiciary homepage

Users will find general information on federal courts, with links to individual court sites provided.

 Georgetown University Law Center Federal Court Opinions

Provides a map of the federal circuits with links to court cases

 GPO Access

Provides access to federal government information & links

 Legal Information Institute - Federal Law Materials 
 (Cornell Law School)

This site provides access to recent decisions and landmark decisions of the US Supreme Court, as well as selected US Court of Appeals and District Court cases.

 Legal Information Institute - Supreme Court Collection
 (Cornell Law School)

Provides US Supreme Court rulings from 1990-present.  *Opinions are posted within minutes of their issuance.

 Oyez Project (Northwestern University)

US Supreme Court multimedia database.  Provides access to more than 2000 hours of Supreme Court audio.


Contains the full text of the US Constitution, & other historical documents as well as legislative information

 Touro Law Center

Provides access to USCOA 2nd and federal court cases

 U S Courts (Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts)


Links to all U.S. Courts, interactive map of the geographical jurisdiction of each circuit court of appeals. Federal court opinions, rules, and all information posted by each court's website. Federal rules of practice, procedure and evidence with proposed and pending rules and amendments, and an explanation of federal rule making. Link to the Judicial Conference of the U.S. and its proceedings.

 U S Federal Resources (New England School of Law)

Numerous links categorized by executive, legislative, judicial, and administrative branches

U S Judicial Branch Resource (Law Library of Congress)

This site provides access to the Constitution, State & US statutes, regulations, judicial opinions, court rules & decisions.

United States Supreme Court website

This site provides information about the Court; a schedule of oral arguments, opinions, Court rules, visitor information, and bar admission forms.



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