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about us

We are JNSU! JNSU which is an abbreviation of Northeastern State University Japan, is an official organization of NSU. It is composed by Japanese students in NSU to introduces Japanese cultures such as dance, music, and so on. So, the purpose of JNSU is to promote an appreciation for and understanding of Japanese culture in the NSU community and surrounding areas.

We are holding NIPPON which is an annually event of JNSU in spring semester. To introduce Japanese cultures, there are teams for offers from other organizations or an any departments of government, even individuals!


Matsuri (Saturday, November 19  Open at 11:00 p.m.)
Coming Soon

activity content

We have been holding a booth every first Monday.

We are performing by offer.
      — Traditional dance which is called "SO-RAN BUSHI."
      — "Hamori" team is composed for singing songs by only their voices.


news release


Work: JNSU official logo
Jnsu official logo
designed by Hanna Sakuragi


Offer: Hamori
Hervest Festival in Muskogee
from Muskogee commitee


Activity: Painting
Homecoming - Paint the Town Green
at Muskogee Avenue


Offer: Hamori & So-ran
Oklahoma State Parent Teacher Asso- ciation Convention at OSU
from Oklahoma PTA


Offer: Executive Member
Bon Odori Festival at University of Oklahoma Tahlequah Campus
from Dr. Deborah Landry