Victim & Victimology Resources

International & Other Countries

 Amnesty International On-line

 Canadians Against Violence: CAVEAT

 Centre for the Study of Violence & Reconciliation: South Africa

 Charter for Victime of Crime for Ireland

 Derwentside Victim Support: County Durham

 European Forum for Victim Services Documents

 Handbook on Justice for Victims: UN Declaration of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime & Abuse of Power

 International Crime Victim Compensation Program Directory

 International Crime Victim Surveys: ICVS

 International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims: IRCT

 International Victimology: Selected Papers from the 8th International Symposium

 International Victimology Website

 Justice Information Center (NCJRS): Victims International Resources

 New South Wales, AU: Victims of Crime Bureau

 Procedures & Victims Unit: Home Office, UK

 Regional Victims' Services Program: Nova Scotia Department of Justice

 Resources for International Victims

 South African Victim Resources

 Thurrock/Brentwood Victim Support: Essex

 Victim-Assistance Online: Canada

 Victims for Justice Coalition of Windsor/Essex County: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

 Victims of Crime Association of Queensland

 Victims of Crime Bureau: New South Wales, Australia

 Victims of Crime in the Balkan Region

 Victims of Crime: Ministry of Justice, Western Australia

 Victims of Violence: Canadian Centre for Missing Children

 Victim Services: Ministry of the Solicitor General, Ontario

 Victim Services: Newfoundland & Labrador

 Victim Support: Hull & District

 Victim Support in England, Wales & Ireland

 Victim Support in North Oxfordshire, UK

 Victim Support: New Zealand

 Victim Support: Northamptionshire

 Victim Support: Oxford & District

 Victim Support Scheme: North Oxon

 Victim Support Scheme: Winchester & Eastleigh, UK

 Victim Support Scheme & Rape Counselling Service: Wolverhampton

 Victim Support Scotland

 Victim Support Service Inc. of South Australia

 Victim Support: Shropshire

 Victim Support: South Oxfordshire Branch

 Victim Support: UK

 Victim's Charter: UK

 Victim  Witness Handbook

 Western Australia, Ministry of Justice: Victim Support Service

 Woman's Victimisation in Developing Countries

 World Society of Victimology

 X International Symposium on Victimology


 1999 National Victim Assistance Academy Textbook

 Bureau of Justice Statistics: Crime & Victims Statistics

 Campus Victim Assistance Resources & Organizations

 Center for Crime Victims' Rights, Remedies & Resources

 Center on Violence & Victim Studies

 Citizens Against Violent Crime: CAVE

 Crime Victims Rights: A Guide for Victims & Victim/Witness Advocates

 Dignity of Victims Everywhere: DOVE

 Enhancing Prosecutor & Victim Communication

 Extent & Costs of Crime Victimization: A New Look

 Fear of Crime

 How to Locate Assistance in Your Community if You Have Been a Victim of Crime

 Impact Statements: A Victim's Right to Speak

 Importance of Victimology in Criminal Profiling

 Justice Coalition

 Justice For All: Criminal Justice Reform & Victims' Rights Organization

 Justice for Murder Victims

 Justice Information Center (NCJRS): Native American Victims

 Justice Information Center (NCJRS): Victims

 Juvenile Offenders & Victims: 1999 National Report

 National Association of Crime Victim Compensation Boards

 National Center for Victims of Crime

 National Crime Victim Bar Association

 National Crime Victims Research & Treatment Center

 National Organization for Victim Assistance: NOVA

 National Victim Assistance Academy

 National Victims' Constitutional Amendment Network: NVCAN

 New Directions from the Field: Victims Rights & Services for the 21st Century

 Murder Victims Families for Reconciliation

 Official Office for Victims of Crime

 Parole Watch

 Prevalence & Consequences of Child Victimization

 Psychological Impact of Nonsexual Criminal Offenses on Victims

 Representing Victims of Crime: A Perspective on the Disaster of American Public Policy & Proposals for Change

 Restitution in Criminal Cases: A Victim's Perspective

 Revictimization: Reducing the Heat on Hot Victims

 Rights of Crime Victims: Does Legal Protection Make a Difference

 Serving Crime Victims & Witnesses

 Student Material to Victim Empowerment

 Talk Show Guidelines for Victims

 Things to Consider when You Become a Victim: Victims Can Fight

 Uniform Mediation Act

 United States Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs: Information Resources

 Vera Institute of Justice

 Victim Advocacy Online Tutorial

 Victim & Witness Intimidation:  New Developments & Emerging Responses

 Victim Assistance for American Indian Nations

 Victim Assistance Programs: Whom They Service, What They Offer

 Victim Costs & Consequences: A New Look

 Victim FAQ

 Victim Impact Statements: A Victimís Right to Speak

 Victim Impact Statements: Key Findings

 Victim Impact Statements: Victim Impact & Law Enforcement

 Victim Programs To Serve Native Americans


 Victimology & Victimization

 Victimology Links

 Victimology Web Site

 Victims: A Manual for Clergy & Congregations

 Victims & Survivors

 Victims' Impact Video

 Victims Links from the National Council of Juvenile & Family Court Judges

 Victims of Crime: Issues in Indian Country

 Victims of Crime Act: Crime Victims Fund Fact Sheet

 Victims' Rights

 Victim's Page

 Violence in the Workplace

 What You Can Do if You Are a Victim of Crime

 When Victims Have a Right to Know: Automating Notification with VINE

 Your Risk of Being Murdered

 Your Risk of Burglary

 Your Risk of Street Assault

State & Tribal

 Alabama: Crime Victims Compensation Commission

 Alabama: Attorney General's Office of Victim Assistance

 Alaska; Violent Crimes Compensation Board

 Alaska's Victims' Manual

 Arizona Crime Victims

 Arizona Department of Public Safety: Crime Victims Services & Information

 Arizona: Victim Assistance for Native American Nations

 Arkansas: Crime Victims Reparations Program

 Arkansas: Victims of Crime Outreach Division of the Attorney General's Office

 California Board Control: Victims of Crime Program

 California: Crime Victims United of California

 California Office of the Attorney General: Victim HandBook

 California: Victim Assistance for Native American Nations

 California Youth Athority: Office of Prevention & Victim Services

 Colorado Office for Victims Programs

 Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance

 Colorado State Patrol Victims' Assistance

 Colorado: Victim Assistance for Native American Nations

 Connecticut Judicial Branch: Crime Victims Services

 Delaware Attorney General's Office: Victims' Guide

 District of Columbia: Capital Area Crisis Response Team

 District of Columbia: Crime Victims Compensation Program

 Florida Attorney General: Crime Victims Services

 Florida Network of Victim / Witness Services

 Florida Victim Advocacy Center

 Florida's Governor's Executive Office: Crime Victims' Rights in Florida

 Georga State Board of Pardons & Paroles: Victim's Advocacy

 Georgia Victim Compensation & Services

 Guam's Victim Witness Ayuda Services: VWAS

 Hawaii's Department of the Attorney General: Help for Hawaii's Crime Victims

 Idaho Industrial Commission: Crime Victims

 Illinois Attorney General's Office: Crime Victims Services Division

 Illinois Department of Corrections: Victim Services

 Indiana Criminal Justice Institute's Victim Compensation Division

 Indiana Victim Assistance Network: IVAN

 Iowa Attorney General: Crime Victim Assistance Division

 Iowa Organization for Victim Assistance: IOVA

 Kansas Attorney General's  Crime Victims' Rights Division: Crime Victims' Information

 Kansas' Crime Victims Compensation Fund

 Kansas Organization for Victim Assistance: KOVA

 Kansas Victim Assistance Association

 Kansas: Victim Assistance for Native American Nations

 Kentucky Attorney General: Victims' Advocacy Division

 Louisiana's Crime Victims Reparations Program

 Maine Crime Victims' Compensation Program

 Maryland Attorney General: Victim's Rights

 Maryland's Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services: Criminal Injuries Compensation Board

 Massachusetts' Department of Correction: Victim Service Unit

 Massachusetts' Office for Victim Assistance, Victim & Witness Assistance Board

 Michigan Crime Victims Home Page

 Michigan Victim Alliance

 Michigan Victim Assistance Academy

 Michigan: Victim Assistance for Native American Nations

 Michigan: Victim Assistance Program, Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians

 Michigan: Crime Victim's Rights

 Minnesota Center for Crime Victim Services

 Minnesota: Victim Assistance for Native American Nations

 Mississippi Crime Victims' Compensation Program

 Missouri's Crime Victims' Compensation Program

 Missouri State Resources for Crime Victims

 Missouri Victim Assistance Network MoVA

 Montana: Victim Assistance for Native American Nations

 Nebraska: Victim Assistance for Native American Nations

 Nevada: Victim Assistance for Native American Nations

 New Hampshire: Department of Justice, Office of Victim/Witness Assistance

 New Hampshire: Victimís Assistance Commission

 New Jersey Crime Victims' Law Center

 New Jersey: Victim Assistance for Native American Nations

 New Jersey's Victims of Crime Compensation Board

 New Mexico Crime Victims Reparation Commission

 New Mexico Survivors of Homicide, Inc

 New York State Office of Attorney General: Crime & Crime Victims

 New York State Crime Victims Board

 New York: Victim Assistance for Native American Nations

 North Carolina Department of Correction: Victim Advocacy Services

 North Carolina Division of Victim & Justice Services

 North Carolina Victim Assistance Network: NC-VAN

 North Dakota: Victim Assistance for Native American Nations

 Ohio Attorney General: Crime Victims Services

 Ohio: Victim Assistance for Native American Nations

 Ohio Victim Witness Association

 Oklahoma District Attorneys' Council

 Oregon Department of Justice : Crime Victims' Assistance Section

 Oregon: Victim Assistance for Native American Nations

 Pennsylvania Commission on Crime & Delinquency: Victim's Assistance

 Pennsylvania's Office of the Victim Advocate

 Rhode Island's Victims Compensation Fund

 South Carolina Attorney General's Office: Victim's Services

 South Carolina Department of Corrections: Division of Victim Services

 South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole & Pardon Services: Office of Victim Services

 South Carolina Victim Assistance

 South Carolina Victim Assistance Network

 South Dakota Crime Victims' Compensation Program

 South Dakota: Victim Assistance for Native American Nations

 Tennessee's Criminal Injury Compensation Program

 Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference: Victim Witness Page

 Texas Attorney General: Crime Victims' Page

 Texans for Equal Justice

 Utah Crime Victims Reparations

 Utah: Victim Assistance for Native American Nations

 Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services

 Washington Coalition of Crime Victim Advocates

 Washington's Crime Victims' Compensation Program

 Washington: Victim Assistance for Native American Nations

 West Virginia Legislature's Crime Victims Compensation Fund

 Wisconsin's Office of Crime Victim Services

 Wisconsin: Victim Assistance for Native American Nations

 Wyoming Attorney General Victims Services Division

 Wyoming Crime Victims' Center

Local (Grouped by State)

 Floyd County, AL: Victim Witness Program

 Phoenix, AZ: Victim Services

 Los Angeles County, CA: Victim-Witness Assistance Program

 Manhattan Beach Police Department, CA: Victim Assistance Team

 Merced County, CA: Victim/Witness Assistance Program

 Orange, CA: Community Resources for Victims of Crime

 San Bernardino County, CA: Victim Witness Assistance Program

 San Luis Obispo, CA: Victim/Witness Assistance Center

 Colorado Springs Police Department, CO: Venior Victim Assistance Team (SVAT)

 Douglas County Sheriff, CO: Victim Assistance Unit

 El Paso County Sheriff's Office, CO: Victims Assistance

 Fort Lupton, CO: Victim Assistance Program

 University of Colorado at Boulder: Office of Victim Assistance

 University of Colorado at Colorado Springs: Victim Assistance

 Alachua County, FL: Office Of Victim Services

 Collier County Sheriff's Office, FL Victim/Witness Assistance Bureau

 Indian River County Sheriff's Office, FL: Victim Assistance Program

 Pinellas County Sheriff's Office, FL: Victim Advocate Unit

 South Florida: Victim Services Center

 University of South Florida at Tampa: Victims' Advocacy Program

 Carbondale, IL. Police Department: Victim Advocate

 Cook County, IL State's Attorney's Office: Victim-Witness Assistance Unit

 Clark County, IN: Victim/ Witness Services

 Gibson County, IN: Victim Assistance Services

 Indianapolis Police Department, IN: Victim Assistance Unit

 Warsaw Police Department, IN: Victim Services Unit

 Des Moines, Iowa Police Department: Victim Resource Officer Program

 Johnson County, Kansas: Victim Assistance Unit

 University of Louisville, KY: Victim Assistance Program

 Washington, Marion, Taylor & Green Counties, KY: Victims' Advocate

 Baltimore County, Maryland State's Attorney: Victim Witness Assistance Division

 Carroll County, MD: Victim Witness Assistance

 Rockville City, MD Police Department: Victim Assistance Program

 Eaton County, Michigan: Crime Victim Assistance

 Kalamazoo County, Michigan: Victim Assistance

 Dakota County, MN: Help for Crime Victims & Witnesses

 Saint Paul, MN Police Department: Crime Victim Information

 Belton, Missouri Police Department: Victim Services

 Cole County, Missouri: Victim Services & Domestic Violence Information

 Jefferson County, Missouri Sheriff's Department: Victim Services Unit

 Kearney/Buffalo County, Nebraska:Victim Witness Assistance Unit

 Clark County, Nevada: Victim-Witness Assistance Center (VWAC)

 Keene, New Hampshire Police Department: Victim Witness Assistance

 Monmouth County, NJ Prosecutor: Victim Witness Advocacy Unit

 Morris County, NJ: Victim Witness Assistance Unit

 New York City, NY: Victim Services

 Niagara County, NY Sheriff's Office: Victim Assistance Unit

 Westchester County, NY: Victims Assistance Services

 Mecklenburg County, NC: Victims Assistance

 Wake Forest University Police Department, Winston-Salem, NC: Victim Assistance Program

 Akron, Ohio: Victim Assistance

 Allen/Putnam Counties, Ohio: Crime Victim Services

 Athens County, Ohio Victim Assistance Program

 Carroll County, Ohio: Victims Assistance Program

 Defiance County, Ohio: Victim Assistance Program

 Wood County, Ohio: Victim Services - Victims Rights

 Adair, Cherokee, Sequoyah & Wagoner Counties, OK: Victim Services

 Oregon City, OR: Victim Assistance Unit

 Oil City, PA Crisis Center: Serving Victims of Crime & Abuse

 Florence County, SC Sheriff's Office: Victims Assistance Unit

 Spartanburg County, SC Sheriff's Office: Victim's Assistance Program

 East Tennessee: Victim's Rights Task Force

 Shelby County, TN: Victim's Assistanve Center

 Arlington, TX Police Departmentís Victim Assistance Program

 San Antonio, TX Police Department: Victims Advocacy Section

 Waco, Texas: Advocacy Center for Crime Victims & Children

 Murray City, Utah: Victim Advocate Page

 Orem City, Utah: Victim Assistance

 Blacksburg, Virginia Police Department: Victim/Witness Assistance

 Charlottesville, Virginia: Victim/Witness Assistance Program

 Loudoun County, Virginia: Victim - Witness Program

 Newport News, Virginia: Victim Witness Program

 Virginia Beach, Virginia: Victim Witness Services

 Wise County, Virginia: Victim/Witness Assistance Program

 King County, Washington Prosecutor's Office: Victim Assistance Unit

 Appleton Police Department, Wisconsin: Victim Crisis Response Program

 Waukesha County, Wisconsin District Attorney: Victim/Witness Assistance Program

Spicific Topics:

Child Abuse

 AARDVARC Abuse Pages

 Abuse: Child, Sexual & Elder

 Abuse Recovery UK

 Abused Child's & Minors' Rights

 Administration for Children & Families

 American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

 American Bar Association Center on Children & the Law

 American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children: APSAC

 Australians Against Child Abuse

 Battered Child Syndrome

 Best Interests: The E-Magazine for Children's Advocates

 Bitter Earth: Child Sexual Abuse in Indian Country - Discussion Guide

 CASAnet is a Resource for Court Appointed Special Advocates

 Central Agencies Sexual Abuse Treatment: CASAT

 Child Abuse & Fatality Resource Guide

 Child Abuse & Neglect Clearinghouse: Prevention Program Database

 Child Abuse & Neglect Database Instrument System: CANDIS

 Child Abuse Intervention Warehouse

 Child Abuse Prevention

 Child Abuse Prevention Association: CAPA

 Child Abuse Prevention Network

 Child Abuse Prevention Project

 Child Abuse Prevention Studies: CAPS

 Child Abuse Resources

 Child Abuse: Statistics, Research & Resources

 Child Abuse Survivor Resources

 Child Advocacy Resource Links

 Child Find Canada

 Childhelp USA

 Child Homicide

 Child Lures Prevention

 Child Maltreatment 1997: Reports From the States to the National Child Abuse & Neglect Data System

 Childnet International

 Child Protection Information Sheets

 Child Rights Information Network

 Children's Safety & Sites United Pages

 Children's Safety Network

 Child Sex Abuse

 Child Sexual Abuse

 Child Sexual Abuse

 Child Sexual Abuse: A Parent's Perspective

 Child Sexual Exploitation: Improving Investigations & Protecting Victims

 Child Sexual Molestation: Research Issues

 Child Welfare League of America

 Children's Bureau

 Children's Defense Fund

 Children's Institute International

 Children's House in Cyberspace

 Children's Protection & Advocacy Coalition

 Community-Based Child Protection

 Connect For Kids

 Connecticut Center for Prevention of Child Abuse

 Coping with Crying


 Defence for Children International

 Essential Information on Abuse, Assault, Rape & Domestic Violence

 False Allegations of Child Molestation & Abuse

 Family Life Development Center

 Guidelines for Parents: Avoiding Child Abduction

 Harbor House: Northwest Georgia Child Advocacy Center

 Help Stop Child Abuse

 Heroes, Great & Small, Inc.: Free Support Group for Child Victims of Sexual Abuse

 Innocence in Danger

 International Child Abuse Network

 International Child Abduction

 International Child Abduction Remedies Act

 International Child Center

 International Parental Child Abduction

 International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect: ISPCAN

 Justice Information Center (NCJRS): Victims, Child Abuse & Neglect

 Kempe Children's Center (Formerly the C. Henry Kempe National Center for the Prevention & Treatment of Child Abuse & Neglect)

 KEYEYE: Making Kids Safe


 Laura Recovery Center Foundation

 Lost Child Emergency Broadcast System

 Mark McGwire Foundation For Children

 Missing Children's Pages & Agencies

 Mothers Against Violence In America: MAVIA

 National Association of Child Advocates

 National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

 National Center for Youth Law

 National Child Protection Clearinghouse: Australia

 National Children's Advocacy Center

 National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse & Neglect Information

 National Data Archive on Child Abuse & Neglect

 National Foundation to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

 National Indian Child Welfare Association: NICWA

 National Information, Support & Referral Service on Shaken Baby Syndrome

 National Missing Children's Locate Center: USA

 National Parent Information Network

 National Resource Center on Child Maltreatment: NRCCM

 National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children: NSPCC

 Natural Child Project

 Office of Child Abuse Prevention

 PANdora's Box: Secrecy of Child Sexual Abuse

 Parental Abduction in Divorce

 Partners & Friends of Incest Survivors Anonymous

 Plain Talk About Spanking

 Prevent Child Abuse: America

 Prevent Child Abuse: California

 Prevention of Child Abuse: Indiana

 Prevent Child Abuse: New York

 Prevent Child Abuse: Utah

 Recovered Memories: Balancing the Law with Clinical Concerns

 Recovered Memories of Sexual Abuse: Scientific Research & Scholarly Resources

 Safe Kids

 Sex Offender Registers

 Sexual Assault Information Page: Child Sexual Abuse

 Shaken Baby

 Shaken Baby Alliance

 Shaken Infant Syndrome

 Stand For Children

 Understanding the Link Between Child Maltreatment & Woman Battering

 Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse: Later Criminal Consequences

 Violence to Humans & Animals: An Important Link

 When Your Child Is Missing: A Family Survival Guide

Civil Legal Remedies

 Justice Information Center (NCJRS): Victims, Civil Legal Remedies

 Civil Legal Remedies for Crime Victims

Domestic Violence & Stalking

 Abuse Pages

 Abused Women's Aid in Crisis: AWAIC

 Advocates for Abused & Battered Lesbians: AABL

 Advocates for Survivors of Domestic Violence

 Advocacy & Law Enforcement: Partners Against Domestic Violence

 Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence

 Alaska Network on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

 American Bar Association's Commission on Domestic Violence

 Anger Alternatives, Inc.


 Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence

 Batterer Programs: What Criminal Justice Agencies Need to Know

 Battered Women & the Criminal Justice System

 Battered Women & their Children: Links Between Domestic Violence & Child Maltreatment

 Battered Women's Justice Center

 Batterer Intervention Services Coalition

 Breaking the Cycle

 Breaking The Silence

 BrotherPeace: Twin Cities, MN

 California Alliance Against Domestic Violence: CAADV

 Center for Study & Prevention of Violence: CSPV

 Center for the Prevention of Sexual & Domestic Violence

 Centre for Research on Violence Against Women & Children: Canada

 Citizens Against Spouse Abuse: CASA

 Communities Against Violence Network: CAVNET

 Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence

 Directory of Women Lawyers

 District of Columbia Coalition Against Domestic Violence

 Domestic Abuse Center: Northridge, California

 Domestic Violence

 Domestic Violence & Incest Resource Centre: Brunswick, Victoria, Australia

 Domestic Violence Awareness Handbook

 Domestic Violence Data Source: DVDS (UK)

 Domestic Violence, Family Violence, & Child Abuse Page

 Domestic Violence Handbook

 Domestic Violence Handbook: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

 Domestic Violence Hotlines & Resources

 Domestic Violence Hurts Everyone

 Domestic Violence: Information

 Domestic Violence Information Center: Feminist Majority Foundation

 Domestic Violence Information Manual: Women's Issues & Social Empowerment (WISE), Australia

 Domestic Violence Information Page

 Domestic Violence in Lesbian Relationships

 Domestic Violence Law: Links to Attorneys who Help in Family Law Cases

 Domestic Violence Links Worldwide

 Domestic Violence Manual

 Domestic Violence Perpetrator Treatment Programs

 Domestic Violence Project of Santa Clara County, CA

 Domestic Violence Resource Manual

 Domestic Violence Resources

 Domestic Violence Resources

 Domestic Violence Resources

 Domestic Violence: Shattered Love - Broken Lives

 Ending Violence Against Women: Population Reports

 Essential Information on Abuse, Assault, Rape & Domestic Violence

 Evaluation of the STOP Formula Grants to Combat Violence Against Women; The Violence Against Women Act of 1994: 1998 Report

 Family & Intimate Partner Violence Prevention Team - National Center for Injury Prevention & Control

 Family Peace Project

 Family Research Laboratory

 Family Violence

 Family Violence & Sexual Assault Institute

 Family Violence Awareness Page: Domestic Violence Links

 Family Violence Links

 Family Violence Prevention Fund

 FAQ about Cyberstalking

 Gay-on-Gay Violence

 Harassment Law: UK

 Healthy Relationships Violence Prevention Curriculum

 Help the Domestic Violence Abused

 Hiding in the Closet, No More: Domestic Violence.Net

 Idaho Council on Domestic Violence

 Indiana Resource & Training Institute on Violence Against Women

 Innocent Victim: How Domestic Violence Affects Children

 Institute for Collaborative Solutions: Domestic Violence &  Workplace Anti-violence Counseling & Training

 Institute on Domestic Violence in the African-American Community

 Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence

 Judge Upholds Domestic Violence Law: Law News Network

 Justice Information Center (NCJRS): Victims, Domestic & Family Violence

 Kentucky Domestic Violence Association

 Kentucky Governor's Office of Child Abuse & Domestic Violence Services

 Legal Interventions in Family Violence: Research Findings & Policy Implications

 Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence: VCEDV

 Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence: MNADV

 Men & Violence

 Men Stopping Violence

 Metro Nashville Police Department: Domestic Abuse

 Michigan Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence

 Minnesota Center Against Violence & Abuse: MINCAVA

 Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women

 Montana Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence: MCADSV

 Mothers Against Violence in America: MAVIA

 National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

 National Domestic Violence Hotline

 National Network to End Domestic Violence

 Nebraska Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Coalition: NDVSAC

 New Day Shelter: Ashland, Wisconsin

 New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Assault

 New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence: NMCADV

 No Abuse, Inc.

 Nonviolent Alternatives Counseling Service

 North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence

 North Dakota Campus Violence Project

 Ohio Domestic Violence Network

 Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault: OCADVSA

 Pacific Center for Violence Prevention

 Partnerships Against Violence Network: PAVNET

 Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence

 Phenomenal Women of the Web Against Domestic Violence

 Prevalence, Incidence & Consequences of Violence Against Women: Findings From the National Violence Against Women Survey

 Problems of Rural Battered Women

 Police Response to Spouse Abuse: An Annotated Bibliography

 Pro-Arrest Response to Domestic Violence

 Programs for Preventing Family Violence

 Real Men Work to End Violence Against Women

 Resources for Adult Survivors of Incest or Sexual Abuse

 Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence

 Rural Violence Against Women

 Safety & Self Defense Tricks & Advice for Women

 Same Sex Domestic Violence

 Silent Witness National Initiative: Eliminating Domestic Violence

 South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

 South Carolina Family Violence Intervention Agencies

 Spokane County Domestic Violence Consortium


 Stalking Assistance

 Stalking is a Crime

 Stalking Rescue Home

 Stalking Safety Plan Guidelines

 Stalking Victims' Sanctuary

 State Stalking Laws

 Suggested Reading List on Domestic Violence

 Survivors Of Stalking: SOS

 Tennessee Task Force Against Domestic Violence

 Understanding Domestic Abuse

 Understanding the Victims of Spousal Abuse

 United States Army Family Advocacy Program Online

 United States Department of Justice: Violence Against Women Office

 United States Department of Justice: Violence Against Women Online Resources, Document Library

 Vermont Network Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

 Victim Services Domestic Violence Shelter Tour

 Victims of False Sexual Abuse Accusations

 Violence Against Women Office: US Department Of Justice

 Violence Against Women Online Resources

 Violence Prevention

 Virginians Against Domestic Violence

 West Virginia Coalition Against Domestic Violence

 Who are the Victims?

 WINGS: A Place for Healing from Abuse

 Women & Children 1st.

 Women Organized to Make Abuse Nonexistent: WOMAN

 Women's Rural Advocacy Programs: Information about Domestic Abuse

 Women's Shelter Program of San Luis Obispo County, CA


 Wyoming Coalition Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

Elderly Abuse

 Abuse of Older Adults: Saskatchewan

 Accomplishments: State Elder Abuse Prevention Program

 Administration on Aging: Information on Older Persons & Services for the Elderly

 Commission on Legal Problems of the Elderly: American Bar Association

 Elder Abuse & Aging Sites

 Elder Abuse in the Domestic Setting: Bibliography

 Elder Abuse in the Institutional Setting: Bibliography

 ElderAbuse Law

 Elder Abuse Prevention

 Elder Abuse Prevention: Administration on Aging Fact Sheet

 Elder Abuse Resources

 Elder Abuse: What is It? What to Do About It? - Alberta

 Elder Law: In Brief

 Elder Law Sites: Web Site Aging Directory

 Elderly Victims of Crime

 ElderWeb Online Eldercare Sourcebook

 Improving The Police Response to Domestic Elder Abuse: Training Manuals

 Justice Information Center (NCJRS): Victims, Elderly

 National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys: Elder Law Issues & Practices

 National Center on Elder Abuse

 National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse

 National Council on the Aging

 National Elder Abuse Incidence Study

 National Senior Citizens Law Center

 Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Information Center

 Resources for Elderly Crime Victims

 Senior Crime Watch

 SeniorLaw Home Page

 Upcoming Elder Abuse & Related Conferences

 Web Resources on Elder Abuse

Grief & Victim Support

 A Grief Like No Other

 Bereavement Resources

 Citizens Against Homicide

 Children as Zones of Peace: Working with Young Children Affected by Armed Violence

 Children's Response to Exposure to Traumatic Events

 Coalition of Advocates for Utah Survivors Empowerment

 Compassionate Friends: Grief Support After the Death of a Child.

 Counseling Victims of Ethnic Violence

 Crisis, Grief & Healing

 Crisis Intervention

 Death Notification Procedures

 Debriefer's Guide to Critical Event Debriefing

 Defusing & Debriefing

 Families of Homicide Victims, King County, Washington

 Families of Murder Victims Program


 Grief Recovery Online: GROWW

 Helping Battered Women

 Homicide & Sudden Death Survivors Guidelines

 Homicide Survivors: A Circle of Friends

 How to Effectively Help a Family After Homicide

 Impact of Armed Conflict on Children

 Justice Against Crime Talking

 Justice for Murder Victims

 Justice Information Center (NCJRS): Victims, Crisis Response & Intervention


 National Coalition of Homicide Survivors

 National Organization of Parents Of Murdered Children: POMC

 Neighbors Who Care

 New Mexico Grief Services Program for Traumatic Grief

 Rape Recovery Help & Information Page

 Safe Harbour for Victims & Online Counseling

 Self-Help Sourcebook OnLine

 Sexual Assault Support Services

 South Jersey Survivors of Violent Crimes

 Stephanie Roper Foundation: Services to Victims in Maryland

 Suggestions for Those Who Have Lost a Loved One to Violence

 Survivor Resources

 Survivors & Victims Empowered: SAVE

 Survivors of Homicide

 Survivor's of Violence

 Support after Muder & Manslaughter: SAMM, UK

 Throw Away the Keys

 You Have the Power: Crime & Justice

 Victims of Crimes Support Groups: Charlotte, NC

 Victims Remembered

 Victim's Page

 Working with Grieving Children After Violent Death: A Guidebook for Crime Victim Assistance Professionals

 Working with Victims of Crime with Disabilities

 Wounded Healer Journal: Abuse, Trauma & Incest Survivors Resources

Male Abuse & Rape


Battered Husbands Support

Bibliography for Male Sexual Abuse Survivors

Crime of Rape Knows No Gender Lines

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Against Men: Colorado

Domestic Violence & the Male Victim

Domestic Violence - Another Perspective: The Rights of Battered Men

Domestic Violence Studies

Easton Alliance: Prevention Agency for Male Victims of Domestic Abuse, Canada

Effects of Psychotherapy on Adult Males Who Were Sexually Molested as Children: A Qualitative Study

Female Domestic Violence Against Men

For the man who is Sexually Assaulted

Gay Men's Domestic Violence Project

Hidden Violence Against Men

Husband Battering

Insights on Women Assaulting Men as Often as Men Assault Women

Male Abuse Survivors Section at Abuse Recovery, UK

Male Abuse Survivors Support Forum

Male Rape

Male Rape

Male Sexual Abuse

Male Sexual Abuse Therapy

Male Sexual Assault

Male Sexual Assault

Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Men Also Victims of Domestic Violence

Men & Domestic Violence Index

Men in the Justice System

MenWeb: Domestic Violence

National Coalition Of Free Men

National Organization on Male Sexual Victimization: NOMSV

No Place to Run for Male Victims of Domestic Abuse: Shelters, Support Groups Rare for Men

Rape of Incarcerated Americans: A Preliminary Statistical Look

Rape of Males

Rape of Males

Rape of Males

Rape of Males

Rape's Unnoticed Victim

References Examining Assaults by Woman on their Spouses or Male Partners: An Annotated Bibography

Scholarly Articles About Husband Abuse

Sexual Abuse of Males: Prevalence, Lasting Effects & Resources

Silent Victims: Bring Male Rape Out of the Closet

Stop Abuse For Everyone: SAFE

Stop Prisoner Rape, Inc.

Studies Comparing Gender Differences in Dating Violence

Vancouver Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Warriors of the Heart: Male Survivors of Incest & Sexual Abuse

When Men are Raped

Wittness: Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Speak Out

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

 1st Infantry Division Mental Health Section

 American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress

 Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists: ATSS

 Australasian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

 Australian Trauma Web

 Canadian Traumatic Stress Network

 Counseling Victims of Violence who Develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

 Critical Incident Stress In Law Enforcement

 Forensic Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

 Gift From Within: International Charity for Survivors of Trauma & Victimization

 International Critical Incident Stress Foundation: ICISF

 International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

 Justice Information Center (NCJRS): Victims, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

 National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

 National Retreat Center for Trauma Victims

 Post-Traumatic Gazette Newsletter

 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: American Psychiatric Association Pamphlet Series

 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Bibliography

 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Internet Mental Health

 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Research Quarterly

 Primer on Critical Incident Stress Management

 PTSD.Com: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Resources

 Rape Trauma Syndrome in Male Prisoners

 Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors: T*A*P*S

 Trauma Anonymous: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Recovery

 Trauma Information Pages

 Traumatology: International Electronic Journal of Innovations in the Study of the Traumatization Process

 Traumatology Institute

 Treatment Guidelines Committee: Treatment of Pos-Ttraumatic Stress Disorder

 United States Army Psychiatry

Rape & Sexual Abuse

 Abuse Recovery & Support for Sexual Abuse Victims: Survivors & Friends

 After A Sexual Assault: A Handbook

 Arizona Rape & Sexual Assault Surveillance Project

 Bridge to Hope: Dunn & Pepin County, WI Domestic Abuse/violence & Sexual Assault Agency

 Call Rape, Inc.: Education, Support, Counseling & Advocacy for Victims of Sexual Assault, Tulsa, OK

 Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services, Inc.: CONNSACS

 Cornell Advocates for Rape Education

 Dating Violence Resources

 Escaping Hades: A Rape & Sexual Abuse Survivor's Site.

 False Rape Reports from Adults

 "Friends" Raping Friends--Could It Happen to You?

 Hidden Sexual Victimization: An International Study

 Homesafe Rape Crisis Center

 If Someone You Love is Sexually Assaulted

 If You Are Raped

 Justice Information Center (NCJRS): Victims, Rape, Sexual Abuse & Sexual Assault

 Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs, Inc.: KASAP

 National Alliance of Sexual Assault Coalitions

 National Clearinghouse on Marital & Date Rape

 National Coalition Against Sexual Assault

 Orange County Rape Crisis Center

 Parents & Loved Ones of Abuse & Rape Survivors

 Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape: PCAR

 Pregnant By Rape

 Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network: RAINN

 Rape & Abuse Crisis Center: Fargo, ND

 Rape & Survivors: A Resource Guide

 Rape Crisis Center: San Antonio, Texas

 Rape Crisis Centers U.S.

 Rape Culture

 Rape: Information

 Rape: Let's Stop It

 Rape Mythology

 Rape Prevention

 Rape Prevention Education Program

 Rape Protective Measures

 Rape Recovery Help & Information

 Rape/Sexual Assault Support

 Recovering from Rape

 Resources for Victims of Rape & Sexual Assault

 Rohypnol (Ruffies, Rope, Rape) Alert: The Daterape Drug of Choice

 Rohypnol Fact Sheet

 Serial Rapists & Killers

 Sequencing of Serial Rapists

 Sexual Assault Crisis Center of Knoxville, TN

 Sexual Assault Crisis Centers on the Web

 Sexual Assault Information Page

 Sexual Assault Information Page: Acquaintance Rape

 Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner: SANE

 Sexual Assault Resources

 Sexual Violence Resources

 Things Not to Say to a Rape Survivor

 Trenton's Rape & Sexual Assault Care Program

 Tucson Rape Crisis Center

 Tulane Men Against Rape

Restorative Justice

 Building Community Support for Restorative Justice

 Campaign for Equity-Restorative Justice: CERJ

 Center for Restorative Justice & Peacemaking

 Reintegrative Shaming Experiments (RISE) for Restorative Community Policing

 Restorative Justice 1

 Restorative Justice

 Restorative Justice

 Restorative Justice:  An Evaluation of the Restorative Resolutions Project

 Restorative Justice in Australia

 Restorative Justice Links

 Restorative Justice Online

 Restorative Justice Principles

 Restorative Justice: Real Justice Conferencing

 Restorative Justice: The Justice Fellowship

 Restorative Justice: The Role of the Community

 Restorative Policing Experiment

Victim/Offender Mediation & Dispute Resolution

 Academy of Family Mediators

 Accord Mediation Services & Broome County, NY Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Program

 ADR & Mediation Resources

 ADRonline Monthly

 Alternate Dispute Resolution: Lubbock, TX

 American Arbitration Association

 American College of Civil Trial Mediators

 Berkeley Dispute Resolution

 California Dispute Resolution Institute

 Center for Analysis of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Systems: CAADRS

 Center for Peacemaking & Conflict Studies

 Collaborative Divorce Lawyers Association

 Community Mediation Center: Harrisonburg, VA

 Community Mediation Center: Knoxville, TN

 Community Mediation Programs: Developments & Challenges

 Conflict Research Consortium

 Conflict Resolution Center International

 Conflict Resolution Fact Sheet

 Conflict Resolution/Peer Mediation Research Project

 Conflict Resolution Program: San Luis Obispo, CA

 Consensus Building Institute

 Consortium for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education

 Council for Conflict Resolution

 CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution

 Dallas County District Court Administration Alternative Dispute Resolution Program

 Dispute Resolution Center: Austin, Texas

 Dispute Resolution Center: Central Brazos Valley, TX

 Dispute Resolution Center: St. Paul, Minnesota

 Dispute Resolution Services: Tarrant County, TX

 Healthy Relationships Violence Prevention Curriculum

 Institute for Dispute Resolution

 International Academy of Mediators

 International Negotiation: A Journal of Theory & Practice

 Justice Center of Atlanta Mediation Program

 Mediation Council of Illinois

 Mediation Information & Resource Center

 Mediation Network of North Carolina: MNNC

 Mediation Training Institute / Dana Mediation Institute

 Mediation Works Incorporated: MWI, Boston, MA

 Mennonite Conciliation Service

 National Arbitration Forum

 National Association For Community Mediation

 National Institute for Dispute Resolution

 Neighborhood Dispute Resolution Center: Harrisburg, PA

 Neighborhood Justice Center: Tallahassee, FL

 New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators: NJAPM

 New York State Council On Divorce Mediation

 Network: Interaction for Conflict Resolution

 Nonviolence International

 Nonviolence Web: A Guide to the Contemporary Peace Movement

 Northern California Mediation Association: NCMA

 Northern Virginia Mediation Service

 Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution & Conflict Management

 Online Mediators

 Oregon Mediation Association

 Restorative Justice Through Dialogue

 Rhode Island Victim Offender Restoration Program

 Peer Resources: Primary Source for Peer, Mentor & Coach Resources

 Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center: PCRC, San Mateo County, CA

 Pittsburgh Mediation Center

 Program On Negotiation Clearinghouse

 San Diego Mediation Center

 Section of Dispute Resolution: American Bar Association

 Society of Professionals In Dispute Resolution: SPIDR

 Southern California Mediation Association

 Transformative Justice Australia

 Uniform Mediation Act

 United States Institute of Peace

 Victim Offender Mediation Association

 Victim-Offender Mediation Programs: An Exploration of Practice & Theoretical Frameworks

 Victim-Offender Reconciliation

 Victim Offender Reconciliation Program

 Victim-Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP) Information & Resource Center

 Western Justice Center: Resources for Intergroup Dialogue, Mediation & Conflict Resolution

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