Criminal Justice Resources for The Russian Federation


AdmiNet: Russian Federation

Administration of the President In Russian

ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia

Central Asian Studies: Academic Centers - JHU / SAIS

Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments: Russian Federation

Commitee on Geopolitics: State Duma of Russia

Constitutional Documents: Russian Federation

Constitution of The Russian Federation: With Commentaries & Interpretation by American & Russian Scholars

Duma In Russian

Elections in Russia

Federal Commission for the Securities Market

Federation Council

Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

Flags of the World: Russian Federation

General Alexander Lebed

Governments on the WWW: Russian Federation

Guide to Russia & the Soviet Union's Role in the United Nations

History of the Russian Flag

How Russia is Ruled: 1998

Information Server

International Foundation for Election Systems: Moscow

Liberal Democratic Party of Russia

Library of Congress, Area Handbook Series: Russia

Map of Russia

Ministry for Atomic Energy of the Russian Federation

Ministry for Science & Technology of the Russian Federation

Ministry of Agriculture & Food of the Russian Federation

Ministry of Environment Protection of the Russian Federation

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Tribune

National-Patriotic Front: "Pamyat"

Parties of the Russian Federation

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Political Leaders: Russia

Political Resources on the Net: Russian Federation


Portraits of Soviet & Russian Political Leaders

RussElect: People

Russia: Atlapedia Online

Russia: General Information

Russia.Net: Political Parties

Russia.Net: Politics - Parliament

Russia.Net: Politics - Who is Who

Russia.Net: The Constitution of Russian Federation

Russia Reform Monitor

Russia Today: Political Parties

Russia Today: Russian Constitution

Russian Cities on the Web

Russian Constitution

Russian Consular Offices in the USA

Russian Embassy in the USA

Russian Federal Assembly: Duma

Russian Federation: Gossudarstvennaya Duma - State Duma

Russian Federation: Soviet Federatsii - Council of the Federation

Russian Government Internet Network In Russian

Russian International Nuclear Safety Center

Russian Land Reform

Russian People's Social Democratic Party

Russian Politics

Russian Politics

Russian Social-Democrats

Russian Union of Local Authorities

Russia's Demographic "Crisis"


State Committee of Russian Federation of Land Resources & Land Management

State Committee of the Russian Federation on Statistics

State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

U.S. Department of State Background Notes: Russian Federation

U.S. Embassy Moscow

United States Information Service: St. Petersburg

World Factbook: 1999


Crime Statistics

Russian Faderation's Criminal Justice System

World Factbook of Criminal Justice Systems: Russian Federation


A Night with the Russian Police

Commandos in Russia Storm Hijacked Bus

Cooperation Between Russian & American Law Enforcement Agencies in Combating New Economic Crimes

Crime Watch

Editorial: Hearings Would Aim at Cleaning Up Police

Editorial: Police Chief is Hard-Ass Whipping Officers into Shape

Editorial: Police Fighting PR War, Losing Crime Battle

Federal Border Service (FPS)

Federal Protection Service (FSO)

Federal Security Service (FSB)

Fight Against Organized Crime in Russia

Firearms in Russia

Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki

Foreign SOF: Arms Trafficking Serious Problem

Foreign SOF: Colombian Cocaine in Russia

Foreign SOF: 'Feliks' Group Increases Russian Security Problems

Foreign SOF: Ilegal Immigration & Refugees Challenge Russian Security Services

Foreign SOF: Russia Tries New Approach to Border Security

Foreign SOF: Russian Assessment Calls for Special-Ops Reform

Foreign SOF: Russian Criminal Groups Recruit Special-Ops Veterans

Foreign SOF: Russian Counterterrorist Group Hanging On

Foreign SOF: Russian Officers Participating in Criminal Enterprises

Headache For Police As Russia's Drug Problems Reach New High

Interpol Tries to Curb Spread of Russian Mafia in Europe

Kalashnikov Site


Latest Data on the Performance of Internal Affairs Agencies & Internal Troops in 1996: Ministry of Internal Affairs (Crime Data)

Law Enforcement in Russia & The US

Main Intelligence Administration (GRU) Glavnoye Razvedyvatelnoye Upravlenie

Moscow Criminal Investigation Department

Moscow Police Cars

Moscow Russia Police Custom Cars

MVD Ministry of Internal Affairs

News: Police Chief Faces Vote of No Confidence

Police Protected Russia Criminal

Police Smash Nuclear Crime Gang

Policing in Central & Eastern Europe Text of the Book

Presidential Security Service [PSB] Prezidentskaya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti

Russia / Soviet Intelligence Agencies

Russia: Spetsnaz

Russian Crime Page: Police Squad In Russian

Russian Guns and Firearms

Russian Intelligence Agencies: KGB

Russian Guns and Firearms

Russian Officers Start UI Police Institute

Russian Police, Customs & Border Guard Flags

Russian Police Seize Half-Ton of Marijuana in Bust Along Kazakh Border

Russian Private Investigators, Moscow Private Investigators

Russian Regional Database

Russia's Special Operations Forces

St Petersburg Press: Women Police, International Conference for Policewomen

St Petersburg Press: Women Police, Major with 15 Yars Experience

St Petersburg Press: Women Police, Member of SWAT Team

St Petersburg Press: Women Police, Most Incorruptible Traffic Officer

Senior Detective Paul V. Alexandrov of the Operative Search Division of Moscow C.I.D.

Special Materials Ltd: Body & Structural Armor & Police Equipment


Street Justice: Volunteer Police

Tax Police of St. Petersburg In Russian

Trade Union of Moscow Police

Utilization of the International Experience of the Police Recrutting, Selection & Training in the Russian Federation


XXIst Century Lawyers Association

AdmiNet: Russian Federation - Legal Texts

Advanced Legislation Database of Russia-On-Line

Cases & Materials on Russian Law

Central & East European Legal & Political WWW Resources: Russian Federation

Constitutional Watch: Russia - Fall 1997

Constitutional Watch: Russia - Spring 1998

Constitutional Watch: Russia - Summer 1998

Constitutional Watch: Russia - Winter 1998

Counsel Quest: International Legal Resources - Russian Federation

ForInt-Law: Russian Federation

Fundamental Legal Acts of Russia

Guide to Law Online: Russian Federation

INFOBASE: Fulltext Russian Legislation on the Net In Russian

International Union (Commonwealth) of Advocates

Jurweb Bayreuth: Russische Föderation (Russian Federation)

Law Firms in Russia

Lawnet World: Russian Federation

Legal System of Russia

Legislation in Russia

Making Mediation Viable in Russia & Ukraine

Ministry of Justice

Modern Customs & Ancient Laws of Russia

Penal Code of the Russian Federation for 1997 In Russian

Persistence of Judicial Reform in Contemporary Russia


Prosecutor Locks Horns With Local Underworld

Rule of Law Online

Rules & Regulations In Russia



Russia: Ecojuris/Women Lawyers for Environment & Development

Russia: Notes on the Legal System

Russia-On-Line: Laws (English)

Russia: What if the O.J. Simpson Trial Were Held in Moscow

Russian Laws: Internet Resources

Russian Legal Materials

Russian Legal Server

Russian Legal Server: Russian Legal Information Sources - On the Justice System of Russian Federation

Russian Legal Server: Tutorial On Russian Legal Research - Russian Legal System

Russian Legislation

St.Petersburg Internatinal Commercial Arbitration Court

Search on the Russian Legislation for a Fee

U.S. House of Representatives: Internet Law Library - Russian Federation


Amnesty International: Publications on the Russian Federation

Baltics: Crime & Security in the Post-Soviet Era

Bibliography for Criminal Russia

BRATVA: Russian Mafia In Russian

Corruption in the Post-Communist Societies

Crime & Corruption after Communism: The Criminalization of Russia’s Political Elite

Crime & Violence Up

Crime Crackdown: Slow Justice Jam Russia's 'Torturous' Jails

East: Prisons: Good Government Requires Better Prison Conditions

East: Prisons: Soviet Era Labor Camp System Verges On Collapse

East: Prisons: Tuberculosis The Scourge Of Jails In Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan

European Observers Horrified By Prison Overcrowding

Firearms in Russia

Gulag Collection

How Russia is Ruled: 1998 - Crime Integral to System

How Russia is Ruled: 1998 - Crime Integral to System

Human Rights in Russia

Image of Lawlessness Distorts Moscow’s Reality

Institute for the Study of Conflict, Ideology & Policy: Focuses on Conflict-Prone Societies in Crisis, Particularly Russia

IRR/TV June-July 1996 Russia Report Newsletter

Is there Russian Organized Crime in the U.S.

Latent Crime in Russia

Mafia In Russia

MAFIA on the Net In Russian

Mafiocracy in Russia

New Russians, Old Cons & the Transition to a Market Economy: Reflections from Abroad

Organized Crime in Russia Today

Random Russia Experiences: Mafia

Random Russia Experiences: Theft

Red Mafia: A Legacy of Communism

Russia Crime Levels Below U.S., Europe

Russia Holds Jail Record

Russia's Great Criminal Revolution

Russia's Great Criminal Revolution-Bibliography

Russian Crime Threatens Foreign Investment

Russian Mafia During 1994-1998: Documentary for Sale

Russian Prisons

SGA: Remember the Prisoners

Social Center for Criminal Justice Reform

Thieves Professing the Code: Introduction

Western Russia, St. Petersburg: "Crosses" Assists the Rehabilitation of the Imprisoned & Released


All Regions of Russia by Pictures

American Academy for Russian Martial Art & Combat Skill

American Chamber of Commerce in Russia

Amherst Center for Russian Culture

Anthem: All 15 Soviet Republics

Argumenty i Fakty: The Biggest Russian Newspaper

Birch Empire

Bucknell Russian Studies Department

Cam & Information Links

Center for Civil Society International: Non-Profit Organizations in Eurasia

Center for European & Russian Studies: Michigan State University

Center for Russia in Asia: University of Hawaii at Manoa

Center for Russian & East European Studies at the University of Michigan

Center for Russian & Eurasian Studies: Monterey Institute of International Studies

Center for Russian Studies: Norwegian Institute of International Affairs

Central & East European Resources

CIESIN Baltics Regional Node: Russia, Network Resources

City.Net: Russia

Cristall Premium Vodka

Cyrillic (Russian): Fonts, Keyboard, Instructions, Russify Netscape & Russification Links

Davis Center for Russian Studies at Harvard University

Dazhdbog's Grandchildren

Electronic Newspapers & Magazines

English-Russian Dictionary

English-Russian, Russian-English Dictionary

English-Russian Online Dictionary

English Section of Informika

European Documentation Centre: St.Petersburg State University

Everything about Moscow

Excite Travel: Russia

Exhibits Collection: Russia

Face of Russia

Far Eastern State University

Friends & Partners (US & Russia)

Funet Russian Archive

Get More Dates on Moscow Channel

History of Russia & the Ex-USSR: Russian History Sites & Links

Illustrated History of Russia & the Former USSR

Indiana University: Russian & East European Institute

INFORIS: Russian Federation

Inside Russia

Integrum World Wide: Largest On-Line Database in Russia

Internet Resources for Russian & Slavic Studies

Internet Resource for Russian Studies

Introduction to Russian Reference Works

Interfax News Agency


Latest Russian News

List of Russian Resources

List of Russian WWW: Servers

Little Russia in San Antonio, TX

Map of Russia Federation

Moscow Guide

Moscow Kremlin WWW Tour Guide

Moscow Life

Moscow State University

Moscow Times

Moscow View: Live Cam

National News Service

News from Russia

On-Line Photo Exhibitions

On-line Russian Reference Grammar

Politicization & Self-Censorship in the Russian Media

Public Russian Television

Reference Guide Book

Recipe Collection: Russian



Russia Alive

Russia Business Practices, Protocol, Customs, Negotiating, & Business Etiquette

Russia Journal

Russia Links


Russia News & Links

Russia - On - Line

Russia on the Net

Russia Today: Daily News

Russian_American Cyberlibrary

Russian-American Russian Language Biweekly Magazine "Vestnik"

Russian & East European Network Information Center

Russian Center for Public Opinion & Market Research

Russian Chronicles: Online Photojournalism

Russian Cities

Russian Cookbook

Russian Grammar Tutorials & Exercises

Russian History

Russian History

Russian History on the Internet

Russian Index

Russian Index of Internet & WWW Links

Russian Names & Their Nicknames

Russian News Navigator

Russian Page

Russian Page

Russian Press Digest

Russian Resources on the Nets Outside Russia

Russian Securities Market News

Russian Spirits

Russian Studies On The Web

Russian Travel Tips

Russkoe Radio Authorised English Site

Russlink Home Page


St. Petersburg Times

St Petersburg Web

SKATE: Financial Information Agency

Slavic Review


Technology News Daily in Russian

US Russian Community Russite

Useful Sites for Russian Studies on the Internet

Vladivostok News



Voice of Russia

Wayan Vota Russia Experience

Web Sites of the Russian State Higher Education Institutions

What the Papers Say Digest

Window to Russia

Woodrow Wilson Center: Russian Studies

World Wide Web Links: Corruption Issues in Formerly-Communist Nations

WWW Virtual Library: Russian & East European Studies

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