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Links to the subjects of Prostitution, Child Prostitution, Prostitutes, Sex Work, Sex Workers & Trafficking follow:

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 10 Reasons Why Prostitution Law Reform Won't Work

 11 Myths About Prostitution

 50 Tips for Prostitutes

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 Acting For Women In Distressing Circumstances: AFESIP

 Activist Hooker Speaks Out on Safe Sex

 Advice for the Visitor: Policy on Prostitution, Thailand

 Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation

 Adults Saving Kids

 AidforTeens.Com: Prostitution Facts - Helping Teens in Trouble Get Off the Street

 AIDS Prevention for Prostitutes

 Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do by Peter McWilliams

 Alliance for the Girl Child on the Street

 All Woman Count

 Alternative Solution for Stopping Sex Slavery

 American Women's History: Prostitution - A Research Guide

 Amsterdam: Policy on Prostitution

 Amsterdam Red-Light District Review

 Amsterdam: RedLight-Tours

 An (Ex-)Call-Girl's Story

 Ancient Laws & Customs on Prostitution

 Angel Coalition: Anti-Trafficking Coalition of Russia & the CIS

 Annie Sprinkle

 Anti Sex Work Information

 Anti-Slavery: Campaign Against Human Trafficking

 Anti-Trafficking Programme

 Anti-Trafficking Related Documents

 Archaeologists Uncovered Remnants of the Los Angeles Red Light District

 Argentine Pensioners Turn to Prostitution

 Arguments against Prostitution

 Arguments for Legalising Prostitution

 Asian Child Prostitution

 Asia-Japan Women's Resource Center: AJWRC

 Asian Regional Initiative Against Trafficking: ARIAT - Country Plan of the United States

 Asia's Sex Trade is Slavery

 Association Contre La Prostitution Enfantine (In French)

 Authentic Herstory of Prostitution

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 Babylon, Where Prostitutes Worked for the 'gods'

 Baby Rape & Sex Tourism

 Background Information about the Taipei Alliance of Licensed Prostitutes: TALP

 Baltic Child Center

 Bangkok Conference Stresses Rights, Dignity of Sex Workers

 Ban on Brothels to End Officially on 1 October 2000

 Ban Ying: Shelter for Women from Southeast Asia in Berlin

 Barbary Coast: An Informal History of the San Francisco Underworld

 Base Instincts

 Bay Area Sex Workers Advocacy Network: BAYSWAN - Prostitution-Exotic Dancing

 BBC News: Child Prostitution Figures Double

 Becoming a Licensed Prostitution Service Provider in Victoria, Australia

 Becoming an Approved Brothel Manager in Victoria, Australia

 Beyond Good or Evil

 Bible Gateway Results of Search for Prostitution

 Big Nose Kate, The Shady Ladies & The 1880's Bordellos

 Blackstockings: Seattle

 Blind Eye Turned to Prostitution Indoors, Says Legal Advocate

 Bondage of Cross-Border Sex-Workers

 BRAMA (Current Social Issues in Ukraine): Traffickers' New Cargo: Naive Slavic Women

 Brazil Child Prostitution

 Brazil: Helping a Society to No Longer Accept Sex With Kids

 Brazilian Program Helps Get Girls Out of Prostitution

 Brothel Bust Nets 21 Cops

 Brothel Locks Doors after American Sailors Exhaust Prostitutes

 Brothels, Baths & Babes: Prostitution in the Byzantine Holy Land

 Brothels May Bear Budget Burden

 Burma: Facts on Trafficking & Prostitution

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 Cabiria: Community Health Project with Sex Workers

 Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics: C.O.Y.O.T.E - Los Angeles

 Cambodia - Sex Workers' Experiences

 Camille Paglia Interview

 Campaign Against Legalization of Prostitution

 Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network: Prostitution

 Canadian Strategy Against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children & Youth

 Can We Ever Save the Children

 Captive Daughters

 Carol Leigh

 Casting Stones: The Theology of Prostitution

 Casualties of the Sexual Revolution

 Center Against Violence & Human Trafficking

 Center for Impact Research: Publications - The Prostitution of Women & Girls In Metropolitan Chicago: A Preliminary Prevalence Report & Sisters Speak Out: The Lives and Needs of Prostituted Women in Chicago. A Research Study

 Center for Victims of Child Trafficking

 CentreTown John  List

 Changes in Prostitution: 1985 - 2000

 Child Sexual Exploitation: Report of the Special Rapporteur on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution & Child Pornography

 Child & Youth Rights: Commercial Sexual Exploitation

 Child Labor or Child Prostitution

 Child Prostitution

 Child Prostitution

 Child Prostitution

 Child Prostitution

 Child Prostitution

 Child Prostitution

 Child Prostitution

 Child Prostitution: A Denial of Human Rights

 Child Prostitution a Global Problem

 Child Prostitution & AIDS Transmission

 Child Prostitution & Pornography: Country by Country Report

 Child Prostitution & Tourism Watch

 Child Prostitution Crisis

 Child Prostitution, Especially in the Third World, is an Emotive Issue

 Child Prostitution in Ethiopia

 Child Prostitution in Olongapo

 Child Prostitution in Thailand

 Child Prostitution in the Netherlands

 Child Prostitution: It Does Happen Here

 Child Prostitution on Rise in Australia

 Child Prostitution Seen as Threat to Eastern Europe

 Child Prostitution, Trafficking & Sex Workers in Cambodia

 Child Prostitution: Whose Child Next

 Child Prostitution Widespread in Jamaica

 Child Trafficking & Child Prostitution

 Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Centre: CWIN

 Children & Prostitution

 Children For Sale in the Philippines

 Children Involved In Prostitution

 Children Most at Risk of Becoming Prostitutes in Vietnam

 Children of Cambodia

 Children of the Night: Van Nuys, California

 Childwatch International

 Classical Prostitution

 Cleo Odzer: Author of Patpong Sisters

 Clients & Commercial Sex Work

 Clients Guide

 Clients Guide for a Visit to a Prostitute

 Coalition Against Trafficking in Women

 Coalition for Positive Sexuality

 Code: Red

 Combating Child Prostitution in Colombia

 Combating the Trafficking in Children & their Exploitation in Prostitution

 Comfort Women

 Comfort Women: Refuting the View of Being Licensed Prostitutes

 Comitato per i Diritti Civili delle Prostitute (In Italian)

 Commercial Sex Information Service

 Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children:  A Literature Review

 Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in the U. S., Canada & Mexico

 Community Legal Education Ontario, Publications by Subject: Prostitution & the Law

 Compendium on Child Prostitution

 Conclusions & Recommendations Concerning Laws & Regulations Related to Prostitution & their Enforcement

 Controlling Prostitution: A Multi-Modality Approach

 Copenhagen Sex & Prostitution

 CORK Bibliography: Prostitution

 Crime & Servitude: An Exposé of the Traffic in Women for Prostitution from the Newly Independent States

 Criminal Justice Resources: Human Trafficking

 Criminologist Who Favors Legal Prostitution Wins The Sterling Prize in Support of Controversy

 Crossing Borders against Trafficking in Women & Girls

 Cuba, Dollars & Prostitution

 Curbing Prostitution

 Current Social Issues in Ukraine: Trafficking of Young Ukrainian Women in Sexual Slavery


 Czech Bishop Calls for Legal Prostitution

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 Danzine: By & For the Ladies in the Biz

 Daughter For Sale

 Decriminalization of Prostitution in South Africa: Medical & Social Reasons for Keeping Prostitution Illegal

 Decriminalisation of Street Prostitution in Victoria

 Decriminalize Prostitution Now Coalition

 Defending Prostitution

 De Rode Draad (The Red Thread): Dutch Prostitution Help Group (Most In Dutch)

 Destiny's End

 Diary of a Mahattan Call Girl: Twenty Questions for Tracy Quan

 Dictating Morality & Consentual Sex

 Diotima's Bibliography

 Discrimination Forces Transvestites into Prostitution

 Documenting Human Rights Violations against Women

 Douglas Chin Fights Back Against Prostitution

 Drive Oldest Profession to Bankruptcy

 Drug Use & Physical & Sexual Abuse of Street Sex Workers in New York City


 Early 20th Century Prostitution: Why Did Some Early 20th Century Women Choose to Become Prostitutes

 Effect of Different Police Enforcement Policies on the Control of Prostitution

 Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality

 Elimination of Prostitution: Moral Purity Campaigns, Middle-Class Clubwomen, & The California Red Light Abatement Act

 Empower: Non-profit Organization Offering Assistance to Sex-Workers in Thailand

 End Child Prostitution

 English Collective of Prostitutes

 Equalitynow: International Human Rights Organization Dedicated to Human Rights of Girls & Women

 EROS Foundation

 Escape from Prostitution

 Escort Safety

 Escort Services: Legal Issues

 Ethics & Child Prostitution

 European Action Against Trafficking

 European Network Male Prostitution: ENMP

 European Prostitution Policy

 Europe's Sex Trade Network

 EUROPAP: AIDS Prevention for Prostitutes

 Europap UK: Activity Report 1998-2000

 Everleigh, Ada & Minna

 Ex Oriente Lux: Archive for Forced Prostitution of Women & Children

 Exotic Dancer's Alliance

 Exploited Child Unit (ECU) at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children: NCMEC

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 Factbook on Global Sexual Exploitation

 Facts on Trafficking & Prostitution

 Fallen Woman in Fiction & Legislation

 Federal Agency to Demolish Mustang Ranch Brothel

 Federal/Provincial/Terrirorial Working Group on Prostitution

 Feminism & Prostitution

 Femmigration: Legal Agenda for Migrant Prostitutes & Trafficked Women

 Fighting Prostitution (Transcript)

 Fighting Prostitution in Madison

 Final Report of the European Network for HIV/STD Prevention in Prostitution

 FindArticles: Search Results for Prostitution (1359 Articles Related to Prostitution)

 Findings & Recommendations To Address Street Level Prostitution

 First Blast of the Strumpet: Policing Prostitution Problems

 First National Survey on Underage Girls in Prostitution

 Focal Point on Sexual Exploitation Combating Child Prostitution

 Forced Labor: The Prostitution of Children

 Former Chinese 'Comfort Woman' Addresses Symposium

 Former Teen Prostitutes Work Streets as Counsellors

 For Sale: The Innocence of Cambodia

 Fort Smith Welcome Center Whorehouse

 Free A Child

 Free Our Women: FOW

 Freedom & Justice Center for Prostitution Resources

 Freedom Network: USA - To Empower Trafficked & Enslaved Persons

 Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Legal Prostitution in Nevada

 From the Cradle to the Street

 Fundación ESPERANZA: Respond to the Needs of Trafficking Victims in Colombia

 Fundamentals of Prostitution

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 GABRIEL: Network Organizes Around Issues Such as the Global Traffic of Women

 Gates of Heck: Annie Sprinkle - Forty Reasons Why Whores are My Heroes

 General Sex Work Information

 Genesis House: Offering Women in Prostitution Hope & Rehabilitative Services

 German Campaign against Child Prostitution in the Czech Republic

 German Law Gives Prostitutes New Rights

 Getting Real Facts About Prostitution

 Girl Child Network

 Girl Trafficking for Prostitution in Nepal

 Girls (Forced to) Dance Naked! The Politics & Presumptions of Anti-Trafficking Laws

 Glasgow Centre for the Child & Society

 Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women: GAATW

 Global Fund for Women

 Global Health Impact of Child Prostitution

 Global Network to Protect Children Against Commercial Sexual Exploitation: ECPAT

 Globalized, Wired, Sex Trafficking in Women & Children

 Great Prostitution Debate

 Guidance on Children Involved in Prostitution

 Guide to Prostitution in the EU

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 Handbook of Texas Online: Chicken Ranch

 Handbook of Texas Online: Prostitution

 Harlots & Bordellos

 Harsher Laws Ignore the Reality of Prostitution

 Health Experiences of Twin Cities Women Used in Prostitution

 Heidi Fleiss

 Heidi Fleiss

 Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive: Hips

 Hetaera in Ancient Athens: Myth or Reality

 Heterosexual Deviance: Prostitution

 Highway to Prostitution

 Hinduism & Prostitution

 History of Female Prostitution in Australia

 History of Prostitution

 History of Prostitution in Amsterdam

 History Reports: Sporting Ladies

 HIV/AIDS & Prostitution: The Top 25 Resources

 Holland Hookers & Hookahs

 Holland: Tolerance Fuels Social Experiment the Dutch Way

 Homelessness & Prostitution in Ireland

 Hong Kong: Sex Workers' Stories

 HOOK Online

 Hooker Heroes: Prostitutes Who Changed the World

 Hooked on Hookers

 Hookers, Tricks & Cops How E-Commerce is Transforming the Oldest Profession

 Horrific Abuse of Women

 Hotelier Acts on Child Prostitution

 How Brazil's Recruiters Lure & Entrap Children

 How Legal Prostitution in Nevada Saved My Marriage

 How do you get Prostitutes off the Streets

 How to Use Escort Services: A Men's Guide

 How Prostitution Works

 Hugh Loebner's Robin Head Page

 Himan Peril

 Human Rights: Sexual Exploitation

 Human Rights Standards for the Treatment of Trafficked Persons

 Human Rights Watch

 Human Trafficking: Documents & Resources

 Humble Thai 'Hero' Tackles Child Prostitution

 Hustling for Health: Developing Services for Sex Workers in Europe

 HYDRA: German Prostitutesí Project (Most in German)

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 I Became a Prostitute Because

 Iniquity of State Regulated Vice: 1884

 Initiation Into Love: The Sacred Prostitute

 Innocence in Danger

 International AIDS Economic Network: IAEN - Sex Work

 International Aspects of Child Exploitation

 International Day of Prostitutes' Empowerment

 International Federation terre des hommes

 International Human Rights Law Group: Initiative Against Trafficking in Persons

 International Humanitarian Campaign Against the Exploitation of Children

 International Legislation Needed to Stop Global Trafficking in Women

 International Organization for Migration: Counter-Trafficking

 International Prostitutes Collective

 International Resource Directory on Prostitution

 International Sexual Slavery

 International Sex Worker Foundation for Art, Culture & Education: ISWFACE

 International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect: ISPCAN

 International Summit of Sexually Exploited Youth

 International Union of Sex Workers: IUSW

 Internet & Sex Industries: Partners in Global Sexual Exploitation

 Internet & the Global Prostitution Industry

 Interpol: Trafficking in Human Beings

 Interview with a Prostitute

 Interview with Carol Leigh

 Interview with Catherine LaCroix

 Iran: Proposal Debated For Solving Prostitution With 'Chastity Houses'

 Islamic Answer to Prostitution

 Israeli Government Must Stop Human Rights Abuses against Trafficked Women

 Issues for Male Sex Workers

 Italy Moves to Rein in Street Prostitution

 It's Different for Boys

 It's Not Prostitution: It's Child Sexual Abuse


 Japan & Child Prostitution

 Japan's Action Plan against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

 Japanese Prostitution

 Japanese Prostitution: Articles on the Issue

 Javina's Prostitution FAQ

 John Busters

 John Home Page

 John 'School' Attacks Prostitution Demand Side

 John "School" in the News


 Johns of the World, Unite

 Johns TV

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 Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender & Reproduction


 La Strada: Prevention of Traffic in Women

 La Strada Ukraine: Prevention of Traffic in Women Program in Central & Eastern Europe

 Las Vegas Prostitution

 Latin American Sex Workers

 Law Enforcement Daunted by Online Escorts

 Law Enforcement: Practices & Abuses

 Law for Punishing Acts Related to Child Prostitution & Child Pornography & for Protecting Children

 Law Report: Street Prostitution - Part 1

 Law Report: Street Prostitution - Part 2

 Laws Pertaining to Prostitution in Canada

 Learning About the Business at Amsterdamís Prostitution Information Center

 Lecture by a Former Prostitute

 Legal Age of Consent

 Legal Agenda for Migrant Prostitutes & Trafficked Women

 Legal Enforcement of Morality

 Legal Issues In Sex Work

 Legal Opinions on Prostitution

 Legalisation of Prostitution but Heavier Penalties for Abuse

 Legalization of Prostitution

 Legalization of Prostitution

 Legalize Prostitution

 Legalize Prostitution

 Legalize Street Prostitution

 Legalizing Pimping: Dutch Style

 Legalized Prostitution

 Legalizing Prostitution Will Not Stop the Harm

 Legislating Morality & the Mann Act

 Legislated Morality

 Legislative Protection Against Child Trafficking & Prostitution

 Lifeline Sex Work Project

 Literature on Trafficking in Women & Sex Tourism

 Links Related to Trafficking in Human Beings

 Live Nude Girls Unite: a Documentary about Stripper Unionization

 Lives Worth Living: a Site for People Fighting against Child Prostitution

 Lowman's Prostitution Research

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 Maggie's, Toronto Prostitutes' Community Service Project

 Magna Carta for Sex Work

 Maiti Nepal: Prevention of Girl Trafficking

 Making of Prostitutes: the Karayuki-san

 Male Customer of Prostitution in Sweden

 Male Street Prostitution in Durban

 Male Youth Prostitution

 Manifesto of Sexual Freedom

 Many Prostitutes Suffer Combat Disorder, Study Finds

 Margo St. James

 Mary Magdalene Project: Providing Alternatives for Women Seeking to Leave Prostitution

 Media Survival Guide for Sex Workers

 Medieval Prostitution

 Mekong Sub-Regional Project to Combat Trafficking in Children & Women

 Memorandum of the Committee for the Civil Rights of Prostitutes

 Meretrix Online: Virtual Prostitution Museum

 Meretrix Online: Sexwork Activism & Erotic Writing for Discerning Adults

 Migration, Sex Work, & Trafficking in Persons

 MINCAVA: Prostitution & Trafficking

 Minnesota Coalition Against Prostitution

 MiraMed Institute: Elimination of Sexual Trafficking of Girls & Women from Russia & the Former Republics

 Model Prostitution Decriminalise Legislation: Prostitution Act of 1996

 Modern Form of Slavery: Trafficking & Child Prostitution in Northern Thailand

 Mongolian Youth Development Centre

 Montreal & Its Prostitutes Should Co-operate

 Morality of Prostitution

 Movimiento El Pozo, Talitha Cumi, Creatividad y Cambio, Lima, PERÚ

 Mr A. de Graaf Foundation: Dutch Institute for Prostitution Issues(Not Netscape Friendly)

 My Parent & My Pimp: Child Prostitution in Jamaica

 Myanamar Sex Trade


 Nairobi Prostitutes may Hold Key to AIDS Vaccine

 'Natasha' Trade: The Transnational Shadow Market of Trafficking in Women

 Netherlands Institute of Social Sexological Research: NISSO (Most In Dutch)

 Network of Sex Work Projects: NSWP

 Nevada Brothels

 Nevada Legal Prostitution FAQ

 NewAgeQuest DS Lifestyle: Whore with the Heart of Gold

 New Commodity in Kosovo: Ill-educated Women Lured & Sold asSsex Slaves

 New Economy, Oldest Profession

 New Powers to Curb Public Drinking & Prostitution

 New Zealand Parliament Moves to Make Prostitution Legal

 New Zealand Prostitute's Collective: NZPC

 NGOs Working on Child Trafficking

 Norma Jean Almodovar

 North American Task Force on Prostitution

 Note on Sex Work

 Notes from a Roundtable Meeting on Prostitution

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 Office for Democratic Institutions & Human Rights: ODIHR - Trafficking

 Oh! How They Love Filipinos

 Oklahoma City Pulls the Plug on Shame TV

 Olongapo Girl: A Tale of Prostitution

 Online Guide to Legal Prostitution

 Online Prostitution

 Only Rights Can Stop Wrongs: A Critical Assessment of Anti-Trafficking Strategies

 On Seeing a Sex Surrogate

 Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution & Child Pornography

 Organizations that Support Prostitution/Prostitutes or are Working to Decriminalize Prostitution

 Organisations Working Against Trafficking or with Prostitution

 Original Whore with the Heart of Gold

 Overview of Archaic & Classical Greek History: Prostitutes & "Companions"

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 Paradigms of Prostitution

 Patpong Sisters: An American Woman's View of the Bangkok Sex World

 Paul & Lisa Program

 PEDOWATCH : Monitoring Pedophilia & Child Pornography on the Internet

 People in Prostitution & Sex Work Can Do It

 Perspectives on Prostitution

 Personal View of Whether Street Prostitution is Decriminalised or Not

 Philippines-Children: Scourge of Child Prostitution

 Photo Essay Explores Prostitution in Thailand's Rural North

 Piet den Blanken, Photojournalist: Prostitution Pictures

 Pimp Anthropology

 Pimping Game

 Pimping Pubs

 Pleasure & Pain: Inside the Sex Trade

 Polaris Project: Combating Trafficking of Women & Children

 Police Abuse of Prostitutes in San Francisco

 Police & Sex Workers in Papua New Guinea

 Police Misconduct & Prostitution

 Policy on Prostitution

 Porn Star Prostitutes

 Poverty, Prostitution & the Girl Child

 Pressure to Combat Child Prostitution in Guinea

 Preteens in Indian Caste Forced into Prostitution

 Programme for the Prevention of Prostitution & Violence Against Women 1998-2002, Finland

 Projects for Sex Workers in the UK

 Pro-Sentret: Oslo Service Catering for Women & Men Who Have Experiences in Sex Trade

 Perspectives on Prostitution


 Prostitute - Client Interaction in Denmark

 Prostitute Counselling Centre

 Prostitute: Paradigmatic Woman

 Prostitute Women Now: Rethinking Prostitution: Purchasing Sex in Britain in the 1990's

 Prostitutes Collective of Victoria: PCV

 Prostitutes as Health Workers

 Prostitutes, Feminists, & Economic Associates: Part One

 Prostitutes Focus of Women's Conference

 Prostitutes in Nineteenth Century France

 Prostitutes of New York: PONY

 Prostitutes Win Case Before European Court Of Justice (In Dutch)










 Prostitution 100 Years Ago: Sept. 06, 2002

 Prostitution  101

 Prostitution: A Closer Look at the Consensual Crimes

 Prostitution, Adultery & the Sexploitation of Nigerian Women by Nigerian Women

 Prostitution Advocacy & Sex Study: PASS

 Prostitution Alternatives Counselling Education: P.A.C.E

 Prostitution an Economic Force in China

 Prostitution & Authority: A Question of Morality

 Prostitution & Civil Rights

 Prostitution & Crooks

 Prostitution & Drug Abuse

 Prostitution & Footbinding

 Prostitution & Jane Austen

 Prostitution & Morality

 Prostitution & Police Issues by Carol Leigh

 Prostitution & Repression in France

 Prostitution & Sex in Thailand

 Prostitution & Sex Tourism

 Prostitution & Sex Work

 Prostitution & Sex Work: Sex Worker Film & Video Festival

 Prostitution & Sexual Autonomy

 Prostitution & the Internet: Interview with Mike Godwin

 Prostitution & the Law: The Facts

 Prostitution & the Law: The Question of Legalization

 Prostitution & Ways of Fighting It

 Prostitution Arrests: Saint Paul Police

 Prostitution as Political Philosophy

 Prostitution: Bibiography

 Prostitution: Books (Out of Print or Special Order)

 Prostitution: Calcutta Manifesto For Sex Worker Rights

 Prostitution: Decriminalization vs. Legalization - What's the Difference

 Prostitution Differs Widely Across the World

 Prostitution Fact Sheet

 Prostitution, Feminism & Critical Praxis: Profession Prostitute

 Prostitution from Columbia Encyclopedia

 Prostitution from Encarta

 Prostitution from Search Encyclopedia

 Prostitution in a Liberalizing Vietnam: the Economy, Hierachy & Geography of Pleasure

 Prostitution in Amsterdam & Holland is Not Utopia

 Prostitution in Asia

 Prostitution in Denmark

 Prostitution in El Salvador

 Prostitution in Five Countries (South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, USA, Zambia)

 Prostitution in France

 Prostitution in France

 Prostitution in India

 Prostitution in Iran

 Prostitution in Japan

 Prostitution in Nevada

 Prostitution in St. Petersburg

 Prostitution in Sweden

 Prostitution in Thailand & Southeast Asia

 Prostitution in Thailand: What's the Solution

 Prostitution in the Bible

 Prostitution in the Czech Republic: Part 1

 Prostitution in the Czech Republic: Part 2

 Prostitution in the Early West: Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Refunded

 Prostitution in the Progressive Era: Reform Movements in Three Jurisdictions

 Prostitution in the Rearview Mirror of Ideologies: French Politics

 Prostitution in the United States

 Prostitution in The United States: The Statistics

 Prostitution in Victorian Hastings

 Prostitution Information Centre: Amsterdam

 Prostitution Injunction Trades Injustice for Injustice

 Prostitution is a £700m Industry

 Prostitution Issues: COYOTE - The Sex Workers' Rights Organization

 Prostitution Issues: COYOTE TV Show - StreetWise

 Prostitution Issues: Indian Prostitutes Organize for Their Rights

 Prostitution Issues: PENet - Prostitutes Education Network

 Prostitution Issues: Police Abuse of Prostitutes-It Happens

 Prostitution Issues: Redlight Radio - Follow-up

 Prostitution Issues: Short Story - Thanks Ma

 Prostitution Law Reform: Defining Terms

 Prostitution Law Reform in Canada

 Prostitution Law Reform in New Zealand

 Prostitution Licensing Authority: Queensland

 Prostitution: Links of Interest

 Prostitution: Male Customers of Prostitution in Sweden

 Prostitution Ministry

 Prostitution: New Internationalist Magazine

 Prostitution Policies in the Netherlands

 Prostitution Policy is Fraught With Pitfalls

 Prostitution Prevention Project

 Prostitution: Pro or Con

 Prostitution: Prostitutes's Rights

 Prostitution: Prostitution Theory 101

 Prostitution: Reconsidering Research

 Prostitution Reform Bill Launched

 Prostitution Rehabilitation

 Prostitution Research

 Prostitution Research & Education

 Prostitution: "Rethinking Prostitution"

 Prostitution Round Table

 Prostitution Services: An Exploratory Empirical Analysis

 Prostitution: Sex Trade Is A Grim Reality In Twin Cities

 Prostitution, Sexuality & the Law in Ancient Rome

 Prostitution, Sexuality & the Social Organisation of Desire

 Prostitution Should be Legal: The Statistics Prove It

 Prostitution, Smoking & Flag Burning: Whatís Law Got to Do With It

 Prostitution, Solicitation, Bawdy Houses & Related Matters

 Prostitution: South Australia

 Prostitution Survey Calls for Licensing

 Prostitution: The American Occupation of Womanhood

 Prostitution: The Blue Book - Tips of the Trade & Safty

 Prostitution: The Customer's Perspective

 Prostitution: The History of Female Prostitution in Australia

 Prostitution: The Oldest Profession in a New Britannia

 Prostitution The Reality

 Prostitution Task Force of Buffalo

 Prostitution Thrives on the Net

 Prostitution Touches Lives of Thailand's Children

 Prostitution Under the Rule of Taliban

 Prostitution Update in Southeast Seminole Heights, Tampa

 Prostitution: Violence Against Woman, & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

 Prostitution: What Every Man Should Know About Feminist Issues

 Prostitution: Where Racism & Sexism Intersect

 Prostitution: Whores, Hustlers & Johns

 Protection of Children Involved in Prostitution

 Protection Project

 Protection Project

 Prevention in Context: HIV Risk Behaviour Among Zambian Sex Workers

 Psychiatric Patients get Discount on Brothel Visits

 Psychologists: Prostitutes Suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

 Public Policies Regarding Prostitution

 Publications & Papers on Prostitution

 Putting an End to Child Prostitution

Q     Up


 Reader's Companion to American History: Prostitution

 Recent Developments in Regulating Prostitution in Hungary

 Recommendations for Political Policy on Prostitution & the Sex Industry in the UK

 Redefining Prostitution as Sex Work on the International Agenda

 Red Light District for Venice

 Redlight: Red Light Radio - Prostitutes On Air

 Red Lights on Water Street

 Regional Reports of the European Network for HIV/STD Prevention in Prostituion

 Regulating the Global Brothel

 Regulating the Global Brothel

 Regulation of Prostitution

 Religious Prostitution

 Repeal Regulations On Sex For Consenting Adults

 Representation of Prostitutes Versus Respectable Woman on Ancient Greek Vases

 Re/productions: Issue #2, Dedicated to the Discourses on Trafficking, Sex-work & Prostitution

 Research for Sex Work Newsletter

 Research for Sex Work Newsletter: Vol. 1-5

 Resource List on Trafficking in Women & Children

 Rights of Prostitutes are the Rights of All Women

 Risk & Violence in Different Scenarios of Commercial Sex Work in Panama City

 Rules of the House

 Russian Cities Weigh Legalization of Prostitution

 Russian Organized Crime: Trafficking in Women & Sex Crimes

 Russia's Prostitution Trade

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 Safeguarding Children Involved in Prostitution

 Salon: Angels of Sex

 San Francisco Task Force on Prostitution

 Series of Articles about the Sex Trade

 Second World Congress Against the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

 Self Health for Queenland Workers in the Sex Industry: SQWISI

 Sexaholics Anonymous

 Sex Clubs in Southern California

 Sex E-Commerce

 Sex for 10.000 Rubles: Child Prostitution Thrives in St. Petersburg

 Sex Industry

 Sex Industry & Public Policy

 Sex Industry Facts

 Sex Industry Legal Kit for Service Providers & Regulators

 Sex in Asia

 Sex in the Small City

 Sex Laws

 Sex: Story of London Teen Prostitute - Street Call Girl Finds the Good Life

 Sex Trade Advocacy & Research

 Sex Tourism: A Curse On The Nation

 Sex with a Purpose: Prostitution, Venereal Disease & Militarized Masculinity in the Third Reich & The Ambivalent Outsider: Prostitution, Promiscuity & VD Control in Nazi Berlin

 Sex Work

 Sex Work & Sexual Exploitation in the European Union

 Sex Work Bibliography

 Sex Work Bibliography (Ancient Times)

 Sex Work Bibliography (Modern Times)

 Sex Work Cyber Resource Support Center For Sex Workers & Customers

 Sex Work: Decriminalization

 Sex Work: Female Sex Workers' Show'n'Tell

 Sex Work Filmography

 Sex-Work Forum

 Sex Work: Health Care & Culture

 Sex Work in Cambodia

 Sex Work in China

 Sex Work in South Korea

 Sex Work in Taiwan

 Sex Work Index

 Sex Work Not Slavery: Redefining Prostitution on the International Agenda

 Sex Work Outreach Project: SWOP

 Sex Work Revealed

 Sex Worker

 Sex Worker Action Group: SWAG

 Sex Worker Demands Rights & Recognition

 Sex Worker Education & Advocacy Taskforce: SWEAT

 Sex Worker Education & Advocacy Taskforce: SWEAT

 Sex Worker Organizations with Bibliography & Resource Listing

 Sex Workers Alliance of Vancouver

 Sex Workers & HIV/AIDS

 Sex Workers & Intimacy Consultants Association

 Sex Workers are Workers

 Sex Workers' Art Show

 Sex Workers' HIV Prevention Needs

 Sex Workers in Macau

 Sex Workers' International Media Watch: SWIMW

 Sex Workers Need Labour Protection

 Sex Workers of Seattle: Blackstockings

 Sex Workers Organization

 Sex Workers Resources

 Sexual Exploitation of Young Girls in Africa

 Sexual Freedom Coalition: SFC

 Sexual Trafficking & Forced Prostitution of Children

 Sexuality in Ancient Egypt

 Sexuality in Fifth-Century Athens

 Services for Women & Children Escaping Prostitution

 Should Contractual Sex be Legalized

 Should Prostitution be Legal

 SIN Pages are devoted to The South Australian Sex Industry Network: SASIN

 Sinners & Saints: Vice & Reform in Kansas

 Sisters Offering Support: SOS

 Slave Traffic in the Amazon

 Slaves of Myanmar

 Social Issues: Prostitution

 Socio-Economic Influences of Street Prostitution

 Social-Economic Situation with Prostitution & Trafficking of Woman & Girls in Estonia

 Society for Human Sexuality

 Sociology Department at the Johns Hopkins University Finds Prostitution Good

 Sodomy Laws

 Solutions to Prostitution

 South Africa: Prostitution of Black Children

 South Asia Regional Trafficking Program

 Spotlight on Sexual Freedom

 Special Rapporteur on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution & Child Pornography

 State Sexuality Laws

 Statistics on Trafficking & Prostitution in Asia & the Pacific

 Statistics on Trafficking & Prostitution in Asia & the Pacific

 Status Welfare Prostitution

 Stella: Community-Based Resource By & For Sex Workers

 Stepping Stone: Social Alternatives to Street Prostitution

 Straight Dope: Why is Prostitution Illegal

 Street Children: Asia Sex Trade

 Street Life

 Street Prostitution

 Street Sex Worker Outreach Project WA: SWOPWA

 Street Teams Safe House Society


 Streetwalkers in Cyberspace

 Streetwalking the World: Online Magazine for Internet Escorts

 Stop Child Trafficking


 Stopping Kids Involvement in Prostitution & Pornography: S.K.I.P.P.

 Story of The Great Harlot in the Bible

 Summary of the Literature on Child Sexual Abuse & Exploitation: An Introduction

 Supermarketing Nevada Brothels May Lead to their Downfall

 Support Prostitutes' Rights Now

SWOP ACT is dedicated to Providing Support, Information, Education, Advocacy for Sex Workers in the ACT

 Sydney Biddle Barrows to the President's Commission on Organized Crime: The ABC's of Her Pricing Plan & the Trouble with Arab Johns

T     Up

 Tackling Crime & Disorder Associated with Prostitution

 Tackling Prostitution: What Works

 Taipei Sex Workers Unite

 Taking a Look at Sex Work, Risks & Violence in Brazil

 Targeting Thailand's Exploitative Sex Industry

 Task Force on Trafficking in Human Beings

 TAT & WTO Move Against Child Prostitution in Tourism

 Teenage Prostitution In Japan

 Ten Reasons to Decriminalise Street Prostitution

 TERRE DES FEMMES e.V. Menschenrechte für die Frau

 Thai Move to Legalise Prostitution

 Thai Prostitution: An Undercover Report

 Thai Women Trafficked into Debt Bondage in Japan

 Thailand in the Global Fight Against the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: CSEC

 Thailand: Row over Call to Boycott Paedophile Playground

 Their Sisters' Keepers: Prostitution in New York City, 1830-1870

 They Were Hungry, Sick & Naked

 Theory of Prostitution

 Time After Time: Promoting Consistent Condom Use by Sex Workers in Nigeria

 Tips for Tricks

 Toronto's Prostitution Debate

 Tough Deal for Sex Workers

 Traditional Data Distort Our View of Prostitution

 Traffickers' New Cargo: Naive Slavic Women

 Trafficking & Prostitution

 Trafficking of Chinese Girls from Yunnan to Thailand via Myanmar

 Trafficking of Migrant Women for Forced Prostitution into Greece

 Trafficking of Nepali Girls & Women to India's Brothels

 Trafficking of Nigerian Women into Italy

 Trafficking of Philippine Women & Children

 Trafficking of Women in South Asia

 Trafficking in Human Beings

 Trafficking in Human Beings

 Trafficking in Human Beings: Interpol

 Trafficking in Persons

 Trafficking in Persons: the New Protocol

 Trafficking in Persons: USAID's Response

 Trafficking in Thai Women

 Trafficking in Women

 Trafficking in Women

 Trafficking in Woman: A Comprehensive European Strategy

 Trafficking in Women & Children

 Trafficking in Women & Children

 Trafficking in Women & Children: A Contemporary Manifestation of Slavery

 Trafficking in Women & Children, UNIFEM East & South East Asia

 Trafficking in Women & Girls

 Trafficking in Women & Girls, On-line Articles

 Trafficking in Women & Girls: Visual & Other Resources

 Trafficking in Women from Ukraine

 Trafficking in Women for the Purpose of Sexual Exploitation

 Trafficking in Women: Questions & Answers

 Trafficking, Violence & Sexual Exploitation

 Transnational AIDS/STD Prevention among Migrant Prostitutes in Europe: TAMPEP

 Treaty to Combat Sex Slavery

 Tulasa: The Horrors of Child prostitution

 Turning Pro

 Types of Prostitution

U     Up

 Undercover in a Legal Brothel

 Undercover Prostitution Sting

 United Sex Professionals of Finland: SALLI

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 Vanier Johns

 Victims of Violence: Child Prostitution

 Victorian London Prostitution: Causes of Prostitution

 Victorian London Prostitution: Classes of Prostitutes

 Victorian London Prostitution: East End Prostitutes

 Victorian London Prostitution: Numbers of Prostitutes

 Victorian London Prostitution: Reform of Prostitutes

 Victorian London Prostitution: Regulation of Prostitution

 Victorian London Prostitution: Prostitution as 'Transitory State'

 Victorian Prostitution

 Victorian Prostitution: "The Great Social Evil"

 Video Vigilante, Oklahoma City

 Virlanie Foundation: Rescue a Child From Prostitution

 Violence Against Female Sex Workers in Brazil

 Violence Against Persons Who Prostitute

 Violence Against Sex Workers in the UK

 Voices of Prostitution

W     Up

 Western Feminists 'Wounded Attachment' to the Third World Prostitute

 What are Prostitutes Like

 What is COYOTE

 What Happens When a Hooker Confesses to her Parents

 What Would You Do if Your Husband Was Caught With a Prostitute

 When Prostitution is the Only Way Out

 White Slave Trade

 "White Slavery" as Metaphor: Anatomy of a Moral Panic

 Who Gets to Choose? Coercion, Consent & the UN Trafficking Protocol

 Who Has Been Driving Around In Vancouver's Redlight District After Midnight

 Who Works in the Sex Industry: A Profile of Female Prostitutes in Victoria

 Whore's Haven

 Whoring in Utopia

 Why I Made the Choice to Become a Prostitute

 Why Men Pay for It

 Why Sex Workers are Taking Part in the Global Women

 Window Prostitution at the Achterdam in Alkmaar

 Women Against Violence Europe: WAVE

 WomenAid Anti-Trafficking Programme

 Woman At The Well: The Meeting Point for Sex Industry Workers

 Women of the Night

 Women Refugees Face Sex Slavery in Thailand

 Women's History Then & Now: Prostitution

 Women's Human Rights Resources

 Women's Rights are Human Rights: Trafficking in Persons


 Workers In Sex Employment: W.I.S.E.

 Working Conditions of Japanese Sex Workers

 Working Girls: Interviews with Twenty-Two Canadian Prostitutes

 Working Girls on Film

 Working Girls: Prostitutes, their Life & Social Control

 World Charter for Prostitutes' Rights

 World Charter For Prostitutes' Rights, 1985

 World Sex Guide Document: Loebner

 World Sex News Daily

 World Wide Age of Consent

 World's Oldest Profession

 World's Oldest Profession is Still Lucrative in Russia

 World's Oldest Profession Meets the Newest Technology

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 Xaviera Hollander

Y     Up

 You Are Never Alone: Y.A.N.A.

 Young People & Prostitution from a Youth Service Perspective

 Young Women's Empowerment Project

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 Ziteng: Sex Worker Support in Hong Kong

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