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AdmiNet: Japan

Aichi Prefecture

Aomori Prefecture

Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments: Japan

Constitution of Japan

Constitution of Japan

Constitutional Documents: Japan

Ehime Prefecture

Elections in Japan


Gifu Preferture

Gopher Menu for the Government of Japan

Governments on the WWW: Japan

House of Councillors

House of Representatives

Ishikawa Preferture

Japan: Atlapedia Online

Japan Country Study: Library of Congress

Japan Documentation Center: Library of Congress

Japan: Flags of the World

Japan Government

Japan: Sangiin - House of Councillors

Japan: Shugiin - House of Representatives

Japanese Government

Japanese Government: Executive Branch

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Ministry of Health & Welfare

Ministry of Justice

Nara Prefecture

National Diet of Japan

Niigata Prefecture

Okinawa Prefecture

Osaka Prefecture

Political Leaders: Japan

Political Resources on the Net: Japan

Politics/Administration: Local Governments: Major Cities

Politics/Administration: Local Governments: Prefectures

Politics/Administration: Political Parties

Prime Minister's Official Residence

Statistics Bureau & Statistics Center

Statistics on Japan

U.S. Department of State: Background Notes: Japan 4/98

World Factbook: 1999

Yamanashi Prefecture


Criminal Justice System

Criminal Justice System at Work: 1996

International Comparison of Crime Rates: 1994

Japan Information Network: Crime

U.N. Criminal Justice Profile: Japan

World Factbook of Criminal Justice Systems: Japan


Aichi Prefectural Police Department

Chiba Prefectural Police Department

Civil Disturbances

Crime Victim Compensation Program: Japan

Daiyo-Kangoku: Police Custody System

Fire-Defence Agency In Japanese

Gifu Prefectural Police Department In Japanese

Gunma Prefectural Police Department In Japanese

Hanamaki Police Station

Ibaraki Prefectural Police Department In Japanese

Imperial Guard Headquarters In Japanese

International Police Association: Japan Section

Ishikawa Police Department In Japanese

Japan's Police Fear Rising Gun Culture(Yakuza Related)

Japanese Customs

Japanese Police Organization

Kanagawa Prefectural Police Department

Kansai International Airport Police Station In Japanese

Koban(Police Boxes) and Chuzaisho(Police Substations), as of 1997

Matsue Police Station: Shimane Prefecture

Metropolitan Tokyo Police Department In Japanese

Mie Prefectural Police Department In Japanese

Miyagi Prefectural Police Department In Japanese

Nagano Prefecture Police Department

Narita Costums

National Police Agency In Japanese - Six Articles in English

National Research Institute Police Science

Niigata Prefectural Police Department In Japanese

Nyuu Police Traffic Safety Association In Japanese

Okayama Prefectural Police Department In Japanese

Police-Community Relations

Police: Conditions of Service

Police Detention Administration in Japan

Police: Local Organization

Police: National Organization

Police Officers and Police Department Employees (1984-1997)

Police System

Public Order & Internal Security

Public Security Investigation Agency

Riot Police

Shimane Police Department Office

Shizuoka Prefectural Police Department

Special Police

Taiho Sichauzo & the Modern Japanese Police

Tocigi Prefectural Police Department In Japanese

Tokushima Prefectural Police Department In Japanese

Toyama Prefectural Police Department In Japanese

Yamagata Prefectural Police Department In Japanese

Yamanashi Prefectural Police Department In Japanese

Yokohama Customs

Zenboren Crime Prevention In Japanese


Amnesty International: Publications on Japan

Center for Japanese Legal Studies

Civil Liberties Bureau

Court System of Japan

Criminal Affairs Bureau

Criminal Procedure

Daini Tokyo Bar Association

Department of Law: Otaru University of Commerce

Faculty of Law: Osaka University

Finding Japanese Law on the Internet: A Sample Odyssey

Foreign Lawyers Association of Japan

Guide to Civil, Criminal, Family & Juvenile Court Procedures

Guide to Criminal Court Procedure

Guide to Japanese Law

Guide to Law Online: Japan

International Center for Comparative Law & Politics: University of Tokyo

Japan Federation Of Bar Associations


Japan Law Base: Major Translated Statutes & Regulations

Japan: Notes on the Legal System

Japanese Law

Japanese Law & Other WWW Services in Japan

Japanese Law: Finance Related Laws in English

Japanese Law Names in English

J-Guide: Japanese Law & Regulation Information

Kitahama Law Office: The Legal Profession in Japan

Law Firms in Japan

Lawyer's Guide to Japan

Legal Research Sites in Japan

Legal Text Archive

Ministry of Jutice Museum

Obtaining Evidence in Japan

Organization of the Ministry of Justice

Project DIAL: Development of the Internet for Asian Law

Public Prosecutors Office

Resources on Japanese Law

Sources of Japanese Law in Cyberspace

Supreme Court

Unbelievable Criminal Procedure in Japan

U.S. House of Representatives: Internet Law Library - Japan

World Legal Web Japan Demo Version


American Inmate Sues Japanese Authority

Asia & Far East Institute for the Prevention of Crime & the Treatment of Offenders


Crime Reportage in Japan: Not What You Would Hear

Corrections Bureau

Death Penalty in Japan

Diversity of Prison Problems in Asia

"Don't Treat Yakuza as Bad Guys Without Any Reason"

Gun Control & People Control in Japan

Human Rights of Suspects & Prisoners

Inagawa Kakuji: Japanese Gangster

Institute of Social Science: University of Tokyo

Japan: Abusive Punishments in Japanese Prisons

Japan & Human Rights

Japan Criminal Policy Society

Japan File Online Japanese Society Prison

Japan: Penal System

Japan: Prisoners Face Cruel & Humiliating Punishment

Japanese Gun Control

Japanese Gun Laws & Crime

Japanese Mafia, Yakuza

Japanese Prison Industry from the International Point of View

Japanese Yakuza

Kodama Yoshio: Yakuza Chief

Medical Care & Access in Prisons

More Notes on Yakuza

Prison Discipline

Prison Labour in Japan

Prisons in Japan

Prostitution Japanese Style

Rehabilitation Bureau

Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished

Taoka Kazuo: Japanese Yakuza's "Boss of Bosses"

Teenage Prostitution in Japan

Trafficking in Women



Yakuza Extortionists Turned into Squatters

Yakuza into the Banking System

Yakuza: Past & Present

Yakuza References


American Chamber of Commerce in Japan

Asahi News Paper

Cyber Publishing Japan

Daily Yomiuri


English Language Resource on Japanese Finance

First Paper Virtual Newsstand

Internet Resources on Japan: Academia, Libraries, and Professional Societies

Japan Directory

Japan Echo

Japan FAQ: Complete Guide to Working, Visiting & Living in Japan

Japan File

Japan Information Network

Japan Insight

Japan International Cooperation Agency: Institute for International Cooperation

Japan National Tourist Organization

Japan Page

Japan Subject Guide

Japan Times

Japan Travel

Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission

Japan Web Guide

Japan Window

Japanese <-> English Dictionary Server

Japanese Information

Japanese Manners & Etiquette

Japanese Viewpoints

Kyoto National Museum

Kyodo News Web

Living in Japan Manual for NTT R&D Centers

Nagasaki University OldPicture Database

National Clearinghouse for U.S.: Japan Studies

Nihongo Journal

Nikkei Net

Mainichi Newspaper

Reader's Guide to the Arts of Japan

Sapporo Journal

Teachers' & Textbook Writers' Handbook on Japan

The Alien

Tokyo Journal

US - Japan Conference on Cultural & Educational Interchange

U.S.- Japan Links

Web Cams & Travel Information: Japan

What's New in Japan

Window of Japan(Web Cams)

WWW Servers in Japan

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