Criminal Justice Resources for The United Kingdom

Criminal Justice Resources for England and WalesENGLAND & WALES


1689: English Bill of Rights

AdmiNet: United Kingdom

Anglo-Irish Political Links

Bank of England

Britain in the USA: British Constitution

Britain in the USA: Electoral System

Britain in the USA: Party System

British Monarchy

British Official Publications Current Awareness Service: BOPCAS

Central Office of Information

Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments: United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Conservative Party

Constitutional Documents: United Kingdom

Elections in the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Exhibit: Magna Carta

Foreign & Commonwealth Office: London

Government Information Service Search System

Governments on the WWW: Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Her Majesty's Stationery Office

HM Treasury

Home Office

Home Office: Constitutional & Community Policy Directorate

Home Office: Publications & Information

House of Commons

House of Commons within the UK Constitution

House of Lords

House of Lords Bill

Houses of Parliament

Inforoute: Provides Direct Access to the Government Information

Labour Party

Legal Briefing Note: United Kingdom

Liberal Democrats

Lords Reform

Ministry of Defence

No. 10 Downing Street: Prime Minister

Plaid Cymru: the Party of Wales

Political Leaders: United Kingdom

Political Resources on the Net: United Kingdom & Northern Ireland

Politics In Britain Online

Public Record Office

SOCITM: Local Authority Web Sites

States of Jersey: Government

United Kingdom: Atlapedia Online

UK Central Government Ministers & Whips

UK Citizens Online: Democracy

United Kingdom: Flags of the World

UK Government Pages

United Kingdom: House of Commons

United Kingdom: House of Lords

UK Official Publications on the Internet

U.S. Department of State Background Notes: United Kingdom

Virtual Bookstore: Daily List of Official Publications

Welsh Office

World Factbook: 1999


Centre for Criminal Justice

Centre for Criminal Justice: Links

Criminal Justice Matters: Quarterly Magazine

Criminal Justice Resource Web: UK

Criminal Justice System

Criminal Justice System Forum

Data Archive

Kent Criminal Justice Centre: University of Kent

Home Office: Research & Statistics Directorate

Office for National Statistics

Scandals In Justice Magazine: British Edition

UK Criminal Justice Web Links

UK National Crime Figures

UK National Statistics Online

U.N. Criminal Justice Profile: England & Wales

World Factbook of Criminal Justice Systems: England & Wales


Advance Police Training

Aldershot Area Policing Team: MDP

Andy Mansell's HomePage

Ascension Island Police Detachment

Association of Police Authorities

Association of Police Surgeons

Avon & Somerset Conrtabulary

Black Museum

Black Police Association

British Association for Forensic Odontology

British Association of Public Safety Communications Officers

British Motorways

British Transport Police

British Transport Police Force History

British Transport Police: SW Area

British Police Books

British Police History

British Police History from The Constabulary

Britain Moves Toward an F. B. I. Model

Central Intelligence Machinery

Cheshire Constabulary

Christian Police Association

Cleveland Police


Copcruisers from Great Britain


Corporation of London: City Police

Crime Prevention Agency

Crime Prevention Initiative

Crime Prevention Leaflets

Crime Victim Compation Program: United Kingdom

Derbyshire Police

Devon & Cornwall Police Force

Drive 2000

Driving Regulations: United Kingdom

Durham Constabulary

Essex Police

Federation of Christian Police Fellowships

Fraud Leadership Awareness & Research Exploitation

Forensic Science Service

Forensic Science Society

Garry's Police Links

Gloucestershire Police

Government Communications Headquarters (Offical): GCHQ

GCHQ Government Communications Headquarters

Greater Manchester Police

Hampshire Constabulary Police Force

Heddlu Dyfed-Powys Police

Heddlu Gogledd Cymru / North Wales Police

HM Customs & Excise

Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary: HMIC

Hertfordshire Police

Hertfordshire Police Visit Russia

History Home New Scotland Yard

House of Commons: Home Affairs - First Report - Police Disciplinary & Complaints Procedure

House of Commons: Home Affairs - First Special Report - Freemasonry in the Police & the Judiciary

House of Commons: Home Affairs - Second Special Report - Police Disciplinary & Complaints Procedure

Home Office & Policing: Outline

Home Office Research & Statistics Directorate

Humberside Police

Institute of Police & Criminological Studies

Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators

International Police Association (IPA): UK Section

Jesudasen's UK Police Page

Jimbo's Page of Police Cars & Vehicles

John Hickman's Home Page

Journal of Clinical Forensic Medicine

Lancashire Constabulary Police Force

Lancashire Constabulary Training

Law Officer's Personal Home Pages: United Kingdom

Leicestershire Constabulary

Lesbian & Gay Police Association

Likey's UK Police Page

Lincolnshire Police

Links to UK Police Officers Homepages

Lobster: Journal of Parapolitics, Intelligence & State Research

London Police Association

Merseyside Police

ModPol Superhighway Patrol: MDP

Metropolitan Police Comittee

Metropolitan Police Federation

Metropolitan Police: Scotland Yard

Metropolitan Police Service: Barkingside Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Belgravia Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Brent Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Brixton Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Bromley & Orpington Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Brompton Division (Kensington & Chelsea)

Metropolitan Police Service: Charing Cross Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Chingford & Walthamstow Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Edmonton Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Enfield, Ponders End & Cheshunt Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Epsom & Sutton Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Fulham Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Greenwich Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Hammersmith Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Havering Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Heathrow Airport Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Hillingdon Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Hornsey Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Holloway Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Ilford Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Islington Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Kentish Town Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Kingston Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Lewisham Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Limehouse Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Marine Police 1798 Onwards

Metropolitan Police Service: Merton Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Mounted Branch

Metropolitan Police Service: New Scotland Yard

Metropolitan Police Service: Richmond Upon Thames Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Shoreditch & Hackney Division

Metropolitan Police Service: South Norwood Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Special Constabulary

Metropolitan Police Service: Specialist Operations

Metropolitan Police Service: Specialist Operations, Palace of Westminster

Metropolitan Police Service: Specialist Operations, Special Branch

Metropolitan Police Service: Spelthorne Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Streatham Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Thames Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Vauxhall Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Wandsworth Division

Metropolitan Police Service: West End Central Division

Metropolitan Police Service: Whitechapel Division

Merseyside Police

MI5: Security Service

MI6: Secret Intelligence Service

Ministry of Defence Police: MDP

National Automated Fingerprint Identification System

National Criminal Intelligence Service: NCIS

National Criminal Intelligence Service (Offical): NCIS

National Policing Factsheet

National Training Centre: Harperley Hall

Neighbourhood Watch on the Internet

Norfolk Police

Northamptonshire Police

Northumbria Police

North Wales Police - Heddlu Gogledd Cymru

North Yorkshire Police Authority

Nottingham Pathology

Partners in Safety Project

Polcom: East Midlands Emergency Services Computer Club

Police & the Investigation of Crime

Police Careers Information for England & Wales

Police Car Web Site

Police Complaints Authority

Police Federation of England & Wales

Police Information Technology Organisation: PITO

Police Insignia Collectors Association of Great Britain

Police Research Group

Police Resource UK

Police Review Publishing

Police Scientific Development Branch

Police Services of the UK

Police Superintendents Association of England & Wales

Police UK

Policing & Reducing Crime Unit

Policing Lectures

Procedures & Victims Unit

Racism Rocks London Police

Resource to UK Law Enforcement & Emergency Services

Robbery Campaign Brings Results

Royal College of Pathologists

Royal Military Police: RMP

Scarman Centre for the Study of Public Order

Secret Intelligence Service: MI6

Secret Kingdom: GCHQ, MI5, MI6, SAS, & SBS

Security Service MI5

Security Service (Offical): MI5

Serious Fraud Office

South Wales Police / Heddlu De Cymru

South Yorkshire Police

Speedtraps: United Kingdom

Special Air Service

Special Air Service

SAS: Special Air Service

SBS: Special Boat Service

Special Constabulary

Special Constabulary

Special Constabulary Forum

Special Constabulary Page

Special Forces of the United Kingdom

Speedtrap Bible

Staffordshire Police

Standing Committee Of Police in Europe: SCOPE

States of Jersey Police

Stephen Lawrence Inquiry

Strathclyde Christian Police Association

Suffolk Constabulary

Surrey Police

Sussex Police

Thames Valley Police Authority

Trace: On-line Database to Trace Stolen Goods

United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority Constabulary

United Kingdom Intelligence Agencies

UK Roll of Honour

UK National Crimestoppers

UK Speed Trap Index

UK Special Air Service

Victim/Offender Publications List

Victim Support

Victim Support in England, Wales & Ireland

Victim Support in North Oxfordshire

Victim Support Scheme (Winchester & Eastleigh)

Victims Charter

West Mercia Constabulary

West Midlands Police

West Midlands Police Authority

West Yorkshire Police

Wiltshire Constabulary

Women's Aid Federation of England


Academy of Experts

Alcohol & the Law

Acts of Parliament

Bail: What Can be Learned from the UK Experience

Barristers & Solicitors in England & Wales

Barristers on the World Wide Web

Bentham Archive of British Law


Centre for Professional Legal Studies

Coroner's Court

Councel Quest: International Legal Resources - United Kingdom

Court on the Web

Court Service

Criminal Cases Review Commission

Criminal Law

Criminal Law Lectures

Crown Prosecution Service

Cyber Law Centre

Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties

England & Wales: Notes on the Legal System

English Magistracy

Evidence Course

Expenditure on Criminal Legal Aid: Report of a Comparative Pilot Study of Scotland, England & Wales & the Netherlands

Faculty of Law: University of Leeds

Free Legal Advice

Gazette: Solicitors' Weekly

General Council of The Bar

Guide to the Law Online: United Kingdom

Guide to Police Law & The Special Constabulary

House of Lords: Judgments Delivered Since 14 November 1996

Infolaw: Gateway to the UK Legal Internet

Institute of Mental Health Law

Institutions Offering Legal Education

Internet Services for the Legal Profession

Journal of Information, Law and Technology

Judicial Work of the House of Lords

Law Commission

Law Firms in England

Lawlounge: Law on the Web

Lawnet World: United Kingdom

LawRights: Free Legal Information for England & Wales

Law Society

Law Society: Swarbco Database

Lawyer Online

Legal Aid

Legal Resources in the UK & Ireland

Legal Resources Pages

Links to Law Related Sites

Links to UK Barristers & Chambers

Links to UK Solictors

London Guildhall University: Department of Law

Lord Chancellor's Department

Lord Woolf’s Inquiry Internet Site

Magistrate in England & Wales

Magistrates' Association

Magistrates Court

Magistrates' Courts Organisation & Performance

Mountbatten Journal Of Legal Studies

National Centre for Legal Education

New Law Journal

Official Solicitor

Oxford Journal of Legal Studies

Police Law

Rumpole's Home Page

Society of Black Lawyers

Solicitors Journal: Lawbrief

Starting Points for Legal Research on the Internet

Statutory Instruments

Sweet & Maxwell: Law Publishers

UK Law Journals Directory

UK Law Resources Page

UK Law Page

UK Legal Index

UK Legal Information Centre

UK Online Law

U.S. House of Representatives: Internet Law Library - United Kingdom

University of Bristol Law Faculty

University of Sussex Centre for Legal Studies

Web Journal of Current Legal Issues

Westminster Law




Alcohol Concern: National Agency on Alcohol Misuse for England & Wales

Alcohol Problems Advisory Service

Amnesty International: Publications on United Kingdom

Association of Black Probation Officers

Black Drug Initiative

Boards of Visitors

British Journal of Criminology

British Society of Criminology

Brixton Drug Project

Capital Punishment U K

Casebook: Jack the Ripper

Centre for Adolescent Rehabilitation: C-FAR

Centre for Alcohol & Drug Studies

Centre for Crime & Justice Studies

Centre for Criminological Research: Oxford University

Centre for Research on Drugs & Health Behaviour

Commission for Racial Equality

Crime Analysis Page

Crime & Disorder Act 1998

Crime Concern: Crime & Disorder

Department of Addictive Behaviour & Psychological Medicine

Devon: Persons Commencing Probation Order Supervision

Dorset Probation Service

Drugs & the Law

Drugs Prevention Advisory Service

Essex Probation Service

Getting to Grips with Crime: A New Framework for Local Action

Gloucestershire Probation Service

Hampshire County Council Probation/Social Services Joint Sub Committee

HM Chief Inspector of Prisons for England & Wales

Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Probation

HM Prison Service

HM Prison Service: Complaints & Suggestions

House of Commons: Home Affairs - Third Report - Alternatives to Prison Sentences

House of Commons: Home Affairs - Minutes of Evidence - Alternatives to Prison Sentences

Howard League for Penal Reform

Independent Drug Monitoring Unit

International Centre for Prison Studies (ICPS)

International Harm Reduction Association

Institute for the Study of Drug Dependence

Institute of Alcohol Studies

Institute of Criminology

Institute of Police & Criminological Studies

Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper Site

Juvenile Offenders Unit

Keele University Criminology Home Page

Kray Twins

Lincoln University Criminology

National Addiction Centre

National Association for Youth Justice

No More Excuses: A New Approach to Tackling Youth Crime in England & Wales

North Yorkshire Probation Service

Nottingham Alcohol & Drug Team

Outside In: A Study of Prison Visiting

Oxford Liberty Group

Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Probation Service

Oxfordshire Council on Alcohol & Drug Use

Penal Lexicon

Postcards from Prison Sample Pictures

Preventing Children Offending

Prison, Crime Prevention & Criminology Resources

Prison Enterprises

Prison Governors Aassociation

Prison Libraries Group

Prison Rules 1999

Prison Service Museum

Prison vs Work

Prisoners Abroad

Prisons Handbook

Prisons Ombudsman

Prisons Over Two Centuries

Prisons/Probation: Joining Forces to Protect the Public

Probation - Practice

Probation Service Act 1993

Probation Studies Unit: Centre for Criminological Research, Oxford University

Projections of Long Term Trends in the Prision Population

Public Enquiry into the Shootings at Dunblane Primary School

Race, Ethnicity & Criminology

Revolving Doors Agency: People in the Criminal Justice System with Mental Health Problems

Security Categorisation

Society for The Study of Addiction

Standing Conference on Drug Abuse

Surrey Probation Service

Tackling Drugs to Build a Better Britain

Tower of London Virtual Tour

Unit for the Arts & Offenders

UK Cannabis Information

UKCIA: Cannabis Information

Unlock: National Association of Ex-Offenders

Violent Crime as an Issue in England

Youth Action Online

Youth Justice & Criminal Evidence Legislation

Youth Justice Board


221b Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes

Austin Sherlock Holmes Society

Baker Street Irregulars

Beekeeper's Holmes Page

Bull-Terrier Club: The Sherlock Holmes Society of Boston University

Foxhound's Sherlockian Page

Holmes' Place

Hounds of the Internet

Hounds of the Internet Member Web Pages

John Watson: The Good Doctor

Mrs. Hudson's Home Page

Oh, you don't know Sherlock Holmes yet

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes: Baker Street Connection

Sherlock Holmes Chronologies

Sherlock Holmes Illustrated

Sherlock Holmes in My Life

Sherlock Holmes International

Sherlock Holmes Lives On...

Sherlock Holmes Memorabilia Company

Sherlock Holmes Museum

Sherlock Holmes Resources

Sherlock Holmes Page

Sherlock Holmes Society of WA Inc.

Sherlockian Connection

"Sherlockian" Photos

Sherlocktron's Holmepage

Yoxley Old Place: Sherlock Holmes on the Web


A-B: UKOnline Travel Section

American·British - British·American Dictionary

American English

Blackwell's Bookshops

Brief British-American Dictionary

Britannia: Guide to the British Isles

BBC Education Web Guide

BBC News: On Air

BBC Online

British Car Terms

Britain in the USA

British Library

British Slang Glossary

British Tourist Authority

BritSpeak: English as a Second Language for Americans

Byzantine & Medieval Web Links

Cam & Information Links: England


Cartoon Site: Collections

City.Net: United Kingdom

College of Arms

Compendium of Britishisms

Comprehensive Index of UK Internet Sites

Dictionary of Slang: Reference Guide to Slang Expressions in the UK

Dr. Dave's UK Pages



England Online Search Engine

English/American Dictionary

English/Cockney Rhyming Slang

English Heritage Internet Site

Excite Travel: United Kingdom

Financial Times

Further Education: Higher Education


Guide to History Libraries & Collections in London

Guide to the Monarchs of England & Great Britain

Guided Tour: Wales

Have Your Say: UK Freedom of Informaton Consultation Homepage

History & Status of the Welsh Language


Interactive Atlas of Great Britain

Isle of Man

JerseyWeb: Jersey, Channel Islands

LARGO: Libraries & Archives Research Guide Online

Linguistic Differences Between British & American English

London Evening Standard

London Slang Page

London Transport

Michel Colin' Pictures

Museums Around the UK

National Trust Official On-line Web Site

National Welsh-American Foundation: Sefydliad Cenedlaethol Cymru-America

Number Plates

Ordnance Survey


Oxford Photographs

Postcode Search

Private Eye

Red Arrows

Resources for Medieval Studies: England

Sunday Times

Supernet Virtual Communities: Jersey

Telephone Directories on the Web

Time Out: Worldwide City Guides

Times Internet Edition

Travel.Org: Great Britain

United Kingdom English for the American Novice

UK Link Page

UK-NOW: Search Directory & Starting Point for the UK

UK Railways on the Net


UK Street Map

UK Travel Guide

Virtual London: Online Guide to London

Welsh Course


Wales Tourist Board

Criminal Justice Resources for Scotland  SCOTLAND


Local Government in Scotland

Scottish Councils

Scottish Devolution

Scottish Executive

Scottish National Party

Scottish Office

Scottish Parliament

Scottish Parliament Website: The Scottish Office

Scottish Politics Pages


Look Under England


Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (ACPOS)

Cameron MacRae's Home Page: Northern Constabulary Officer

Central Scotland Police

Copcruisers from Scotland

Bert Sharp: Serving Police Officer in Strathclyde Police

David McGirr`s Home Page: Police Officer in Central Scotland Police

Department of Forensic Medicine & Science: University of Glasgow

Dumfries & Galloway Constabulary

Eddie Ingram: Retired Police Sergeant from Inverness

Fife Constabulary

Grampian Police

Hamish Spence's Homepage: Police Sergeant with the Northern Constabulary

Lothian & Borders Police

Northern Police

Penicuik Crime Prevention Panel

Police Forensic Science Laboratory: Dundee

Polnet Police Web SitePolnet Police Web Site

Scott from Scotland's Retired Cop's Home Page

Scottish Criminal Record Office

Scottish Police College

Scottish Police Federation

Scottish Police Festive Drink Drive Campaign 96/97

Scottish Police Service

Strathclyde Police

Tayside Police

Victim Support Scotland


Butterworths Scotland

Centre for Law & Society

Departments of the Lord Advocate

Guide to Scots Law

Law Society of Scotland

Scotland: Notes on the Legal System

Scots Law News

Scots Law Site

Scots Law Sources

Scottish Courts

Scottish Law Agents Society

Scottish Legal Aid Board

Scottish Legal Resources

Scottish Legal Services Ombudsman

Scottish Universities Offering Law Degrees

Tough Justice


Drugs in Scotland: Report of Ministerial Taskforce

HM Inspectorate of Prisons for Scotland

Legalise Cannabis Campaign Scotland

Offences of Racial Harrassment & Racially-Motivated Violence

Scotland Against Drugs

Scottish Association for the Care & Resettlement of Offenders (SACRO)

Scottish Drugs Forum

Scottish Drugs Training Project

Scottish Human Rights Centre

Scottish Prison Service

Tackling Drugs in Scotland

University of Glasgow Centre for Drug Misuse Research


BBC Scotland

Cam & Information Links: Scotland

Daily Record & Sunday Mail

Discover Scotland: Compendium

Electronic Herald

Electric Scotland: Scottish Clans Tourism History & Business

Famous Scottish Haggis

General History of the Highlands



Historic Scotland

National Library of Scotland

On-Line Scotland

Royal Commission on the Ancient & Historical Monuments of Soctland

Royal Scottish Geographical Society

Scotch Malt Whisky Society

ScotDirect's Scottish Links Directory: Scottish Search Engines



Scotland: Gateway to Scotland

Scotland Map

Scotland On Line



Scots Language Resource Centre

Scots Origins

Scottish Banner

Scottish Cultrual Resource Access Network

Scottish History

Scottish Library Association & Scottish Library & Information Council

Scottish Mountain Rescue

Scottish Museums Council

Scottish National Dictionary Association

Scottish Natural Heritage

Scottish Slang Productions

Scottish Television

Scottish Tourist Board

Scotsman Online

Settling In Scotland

Spoken Scots Gaelic

Sunday Post

Whisky Web (Malt Whisky File): World's Finest Whisky Site

Criminal Justice Resources for Northern IrelandNORTHERN IRELAND


Alliance Party of Northern Ireland

Conservative Party

Democratic Unionist Party

Green Party of Northern Ireland

Irish Republican Socialist Party

Labour: Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Office

Northern Ireland Ombudsman

Northern Ireland Public Service

Northern Ireland Women's Coalition

Progressive Unionist Party

Republican Sinn Fein

Sinn Fein

Social Democratic & Labour Party

Structure of Government in Northern Ireland

Ulster Democratic Party

Ulster Democratic Unionist Party

Ulster Unionist Party

United Kingdom Unionist Party

Wokers' Party


Look Under England


British Army in Northern Ireland

Defend the RUC

Forensic Science Agency of Northern Ireland

Independent Commission on Policing for Northern Ireland

Police Authority for Northern Ireland

Royal Ulster Constabulary

RUC Chief Sees Move Toward Peace as IRA Violence Declines

Royal Ulster Constabulary will be Free of Partisan Political Control Under New Policing Plans

With the Royal Ulster Constabulary


Committee on the Administration of Justice

Faculty and School of Law: Queen's University of Belfast

Northern Ireland Court Service

Northern Ireland: Notes on the Legal System


Institute of Criminology & Criminal Justice

Northern Ireland Prision Service

Probation Board For Northern Ireland


BBC Northern Ireland

CAIN Project: Conflict Archive on the INternet

Committee on the Adminstration of Justice

Irish News

Irish World: Wide Web Server Maps

Northern Ireland Community Relations Council

Northern Ireland Information

Official Guide to Northern Ireland

Phoblacht/Republican News

Search Online Gaelic Dictionaries

Some Irish Slangwords

Ulster Cyber Community

Web Belfasttelegraph

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For Information on Criminal Justice History go to my Criminal Justice History Resources Page.

For Information on Planning, Research and Research Methods, Statistics, Selected Information and Statistics Sources, Writing and Writing Assistance, Studing and Learning, and Methods for Searching the Net go to my Criminal Justice Research & Learning Resources Page.

For information on Native Americans go to to my Native American Criminal Justice Resources Page.

For information on Victims, Victimology, Victim/Offender Mediation & Dispute Resolution, Restorative Justice, Grief & Victim Support & Spicific Crimes go to my Victim & Victimology Resources Page.

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