AdmiNet: China

Almanac of Politics & Government: China

Armed Forces: China

Asian Net - China On-Line: Chinese Government Official Home Page

Asia Society: Special Reports - US-China Relations

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments: China

China: Atlapedia Online

China: Government

China Ministry of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation

China Reform Monitor

Chinese Embassy in Washington DC

Chinese Foreign Policy Net: Introduction

Chinese Security Homepage

Consulate General of China in Los Angeles

Elections in China

ICL: China - Constitution

Inside China Today: Government

Inside China Today: Government - Congress

Inside China Today: Government - Military

Inside China Today: Government - President

Inside China Today: Government - State Council

Inside China Today: Government - State Level Corporations

Legisative Council

Library of Congress: Area Handbook Series - China

National People's Congress

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of P.R.China

NY Consulate of China

People's Republic of China U.N. Mission

Political Leaders: China

Political Resources on the Net: China

U.S. Department of State Background Notes: China

World Factbook: 1998


World Factbook of Criminal Justice Systems: China


Bejing Public Securty Bureau In Chinese

China CustomsIn Chinese

China: Grass-Roots Public Order Organizations

China Inspection & Quarantine In Chinese

China: Law Enforcement

China: Public Security Forces

China: State Security

Chinese Intelligence Agencies

Crime & Policing in China

Criminal Investigation Police Service of the Republic of China In Chinese with English Overview

Hong Kong Customs & Excise Department

Hong Kong Immigration Department

Hong Kong Police

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: Narcotics Division

Narcotics Control in Southwest China

PoliceIn Chinese

Public Security in Modern China

Traffice Police In Chinese


1996 Human Rights Report on China: U.S. Department of State

Amnesty International: Publications on China (the People's Republic of)

CBnet Legal Translation List

China Connection: Legal Forum

China: Court Structure & Process

Chinalaw Home Page

Chinalaw: Recent Laws and Regulations of the PRC

China Laws Governing Foreign-Related Matters

China: New York University Law Library

China, People's Republic of: Notes on the Legal System

China: The Legal System

China: The Judiciary

China Today: Law

Chinese Commercial Law Research Institute

Chinese Law

Chinese Law Resources on the Internet

Chinese Legal System

Criminal Courts in China Transition: Inquisitorial Procedure to Adversarial Procedure

Emergency Law Database

Faculty of Law, Hong Kong University

FindLaw: China

Foreign and International Law: People's Republic of China

Guide to Law Online: The Peoples Republic of China

Human Rights in China

Infoseek: Law of China

Inside China Today: Government - Court

Internet Chinese Legal Research Center

Judicial Yuan of the Republic China

LegalnetIn Chinese

Law 774-1: Chinese Law

Law Department: Peking University

Lawnet World - Worldwide: China


Law Professor's Home Page at City University of Hong Kong

Naumann Foundation Study: China's Legal System Lacks Justice

Procuratorial Daily In Chinese

School of Law: City University of Hong Kong

U.S. House of Representatives: Internet Law Library - China


14 K Triad

Big Circle Boys

Brief History of Triads

China: The Penal System

China Youth Development Foundation

Control Sturctures in Triads

Dangerous Liaisons: Hong Kong Organised Crime & Film Industry

Hong Kong Correctional Services

Human Rights in China

Human Rights in China

Journey to China: Studied the Criminal Justice System of the People’s Republic of China at the East China University of Politics & Law - Observations of the Corrections System

Kung Lok Triad

Laogai Research Foundation: Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to Collecting Information about China's System of Forced-Labor Camps

Most Triads Will Stay

Prevention of Organized Crime & Regional Cooperation in the People’s Republic of China

Project Hope: Promote Youth Development

Teochiu Chinese Syndicates

Understanding Chinese Names

Zi Teng: Non-governmental Organization with Care & Concern About Basic Rights for Sex Workers in China


Art of China

Asia-Pacific Magazine

Beijing Review

Beijing Window

Can China Feed Itself


China & the World

China Economy

China Education and Research Network

China Homepage

China Internet Information Center

China Internet Network Information Center

China Informed

China Journal

China National Tourism Administration


China News English Service

China News Digest: CND

ChinaOnline: A US-based Website for China Business News & Information

China Quarterly

ChinaSite.Com: The Complete Reference to China/Chinese Related Web Sites

China State Information Center

China the Beautiful

China Today

ChinaVista's Recipe Corner

China-Window Home Page

Chinese Biographical Database

Chinese Characters Dictionary Web

Chinese History Library-PRC

Chinese Recipes

Chinese Science

Complete Reference to China/Chinese Related Web Sites

Condensed China: Chinese History for Beginners

Council on East Asian Libraries: Subject Guide - China

English-Chinese Dictionary

Facts on Beijing

Gateway Service Center of Chinese Academic Journal Publications

Harvard Asia Pacific Review

History of China

History Timeline: China

Inside China Today

Internet Guide for China Studies

Internet Resources on China: Academia, Libraries & Professional Societies

Journal of Asian Studies

Late Imperial China

National Committee on U.S.- China Relations

On-line Chinese Tools

Peking University

Peoples Daily Online

Shanghai Window

South China Sea Virtual Library

Straitinfo Net: China

SurfChina.Com: Search Eengine for China

Transnational China Project: Rice University

University of Michigan Libraries: New Resources - China

WashingtonPost.Com: World Reference - China

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