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 Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology of Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books

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 Etymology Page

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 Feudal Terms of English Dictionary

 Field Guide to the Nomenclature of Philosophy

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 Foreign Languages for Travelers

 Fowler, H. W., 1908: The King's English

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 Genesis Project

 Geographic Information System Dictionary

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 Glenn's Guide to Translation Agencies

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 Glossary of Architectural Terms

 Glossary of Boating Terms

 Glossary of Botanical Terms

 Glossary of Building & Construction Technology

 Glossary of Castle Terms

 Glossary of Common Book Terms

 Glossary of Computer Terms

 Glossary of Criminal Law Terms and Jargon

 Glossary of the Dark Ages

 Glossary of Earth Science

 Glossary of Educational Terms & Phrases

 Glossary of Fiber Optic Terms

 Glossary of Flood Terms

 Glossary of Forestry Terms

 Glossary of Futures & Options Terms

 Glossary of Genetic Terms

 Glossary of Genetic Terms

 Glossary of Graphic Design & Web Page Design

 Glossary of Insurance & Financial Planning Terms

 Glossary of Insurance Terms

 Glossary of Internet Terms

 Glossary of Judaism, Christianity & Islam

 Glossary of Legal Terms

 Glossary of Literacy

 Glossary of Literary Terms & Handbook of Rhetorical Devices

 Glossary of Microbiology

 Glossary of Microscopy Terms

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 Glossary of Musical Terms

 Glossary of Nomenclatural Terms in Zoology

 Glossary of Nuclear Terms

 Glossary of Occupational Health and Safety

 Glossary of Oceanography & the Related Geosciences with References

 Glossary of Poetic Terms

 Glossary of Research Terms

 Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with Examples

 Glossary of Solar-Terrestrial Terms

 Glossary of Terms Related to Invention, Patents & Patent Law

 Glossary of Theory & Criticism for the Visual Arts

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 Greek Mythology

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 Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States

 Index of Famous Inventors

 Inflation Calculator

 Inflation Conversion Factors for Dollars of 1800 to Est. 2010 to Dollars of CPI, 1995 to 2000

 Instrument Encyclopedia

 Intellectual Property in the Information Age: A Classroom Guide to Copyright

 Interactive English Grammar

 Introduction to Islam

 International Financial Encyclopaedia

 International Law Dictionary

 International Lyrics Server

 International Save The Puns Foundation

 Internet Classics Archive: Searchable Works of Classical Literature

 Internet Dictionary Project

 Internet Encyclopedia

 Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

 Internet Grammar of English

 Internet Movie Database

 Internet Reference Links

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 Internet Theatre Database

 Inter-Play: An Index to Plays in Collections, Anthologies & Periodicals

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 Islamic Terminology Glossary

 Italian Cooking Terms Glossary

 Jive Bible

 Jive, Jive & More Jive


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 Ladyfingers & Nun's Tummies: How Foods Got Their Names

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 Language & Translation Dictionaries


 Language Live

 Languages on the WEB

 Latin Nomenclature in the Taxonomy of the Biological Sciences

 Latin Phrases & Words Used in English

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 Legalese: Eschew, Evade, and/or Eradicate It

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 Legal Lexicon: Terms, Definitions & Explanations

 Legal Terms

 Legendary Site of the Week


 Letsfindout Kids' Encyclopedia

 Lexical FreeNet

 License Plates of the World

 Life Science Dictionary

 Linguistic Fun

 Linguist List

 Linguistic Phenomena/Devices

 List of Common Abbreviations & Acronyms in Electronics

 List of Country Codes

 List of Dictionaries

 Literary Calendar: An Almanac of Literary Information

 Literary Criticism Collection

 Literacy Dictionary

 Lives, the Biography Resource

 LOGOS Dictionary

 Lyrics World: A Collection of Lyrics

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 Martindale-Hubbell: Lawyer Search

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 MusicSearch: The Internet's Music-Only Search Site


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 Mythology: Mything Links

 Myths & Legends

 My Virtual Reference Desk

 NASA Thesaurus

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 NetLingo: The Internet Language Dictionary

 New Media Encyclopedia

 NewsDirectory: Newspapers & Media

 Newspapers Online

 Nomenclature of Philosophy

 Nonsensicon: A Dictionary of Nonexistent Words

 Norse Mythology

 Numismatic Dictionary

 Nusmiscatic Glossary of Terms

 Oceanography Glossary

 Of Gods and Men: The A to Z of Mythology & Legend

 Oil Analysis and Lubrication Dictionary

 Old English Pages

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 Online Chinese & English Bible

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 On-line Medical Dictionary

 Online Rhyming Dictionary for Poetry & Songwriting

 Online Slang Dictionary

 On This Day


 Opera Basic Dictionary

 Origin of Phrases

 Pandora's Word Box Desktop Encyclopedic Word Etymology & Mythology

 Paperboy: Online Newspapers

 Patriarchs & Potholes

 PC Webopaedia

 Performance Practice Encyclopedia

 Periodic Table of the Elements

 Perseus Encyclopedia

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 Philosophy Since the Enlightenment

 Phrase Finder: A Phrases Thesaurus

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 Plant Encyclopedia

 Plumb Design Visual Thesaurus

 Poem Place

 Poker Dictionary

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 Political Reference Almanac

 Pop-up Grammar

 Project Bartleby Archive: Quotations

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 Punny Name Archive

 Pun Page


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 Quotations by Women

 Quotations Collected

 Quotations Page


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 Real Estate Dictionary

 Real Estate Dictionary

 Reference Shelf

 Religion-Online: Full Texts by Recognized Religious Scholars

 Religion Resources on the Web

 Religious & Sacred Texts

 Remote Sensing Glossary

 Research Guide: Aemrican Speeches & Speechmakers

 Research-It!: Your One-Stop Reference Desk

 Research Services & Reference Resources

 Resource Guide for Zoology

 Resources for Translation Professionals

 Rhetoric & Composition

 Robert's Rules Of Order

 Roget's Thesaurus

 Roget's Thesaurus Search

 Romance Calendar: Romantic Holidays, Celebrations & Special Days

 Roman Emperors

 Roman Numeral Conversion

 Seattle Lexicon: Lingo from the Far Corner

 Select Nonprofit Organizations on the Internet

 Semantic Rhyming Dictionary

 Silicon Valley Slang

 Simpler Words And Phrases

 Skeptic's Dictionary

 Slang Drug Terms

 Shakespeare Web

 Shi'ite Encyclopedia

 Social Security Death Index

 Sonnet Central

 Space & Electronic Warfare Lexicon

 Speech & Transcript Center


 Spice Encyclopedia

 Standards for Archival Description: A Handbook

 Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

 StarBits: Multilingual Database of Abbreviations, Acronyms, Contractions & Symbols

 State Holidays

 Stately Knowledge

 Stockmans Directory

 Student's Dictionary Online

 Suggestions for Revising Prose

 Sun and Moon Data for One Day

 Sun or Moon Rise/Set Table for One Year

 Symbols.Com: Encyclopedia of Western Signs & Ideograms

 Synonyms Dictionary

 Take Our Word for It: Web's Only Weekly Etymology Magazine

 Technology Glossary

 Television: Nielsen Rankings

 Television Ratings Chart

 Text Tools & Lexica

 Textile Technical Dictionary

 THE ARROW: A Tool For Writers

 Theatre Central

 Theatre Resources

 TheHistoryNet: Today In History

 This Day in Ancient History

 This Day in Music History

 THOR+: The Virtual Reference Desk - Dictionaries

 Today Date & Time

 Today in Black History from The Munirah Chronicle

 Today in History

 Today in History

 Today in History Sites

 Today in Radical History

 Today in Rotten History

 Tools For College Writing

 Totally Unofficial Rap Dictionary


 Translator's Home Companion


 Translators' Site du Jour: Language Links Plus

 Travlang's Translating Dictionaries

 Twenty Writing Tools

 Twists, Slugs & Roscoes: A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang

 Ultimate Band List

 Ultimate Beer Guide

 Unbound Bible

 Unit Conversions & Calculations

 Usage Experts Change Their Minds, Too

 Useless Facts

 United States Newspaper List

 U.S. Postal Service: Official Abbreviations

 Variety.Com: Slanguage

 Virtual Christianity: Bibles

 Virtual Religion Index

 Visionary: A Dictionary of Terminology in Vision Research

 Vocabulary Builder

 Vote Smart

 Weather Dictionary

 Web's Legal Dictionary

 Web of On-line Dictionaries

 Web Sites for Speeches & Quotations

 Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary

 Webster' Revised Unabridged Dictionary: 1913 Ed.

 West Legal Directory

 What's a Dollar Worth? CPI Calculation Machine

 Who's Who Online

 Wine Terminology

 Witchcraft Bibliography Project

 Women's Biographies

 Word at Work



 WordNet 1.6 Vocabulary Helper

 Word Oddities & Trivia

 Word Play: Similes

 Wordsmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus

 WordWeb: The Free Thesaurus & Dictionary

 Word Wizard

 World Bank Glossary

 World Biographical Index

 World Encyclopedia

 World Wide Arts Resources

 World Wide Web Terminology

 World Wide Words

 Writer's Toolbox: Internet Resources for Writers

 Writing Tips, Tools & Ideas

 Writing with Gender-Fair Language

 WWI Biographical Dictionary

 WWWebster Dictionary

 WWWebster Thesaurus

 Wyrme's Encyclopedia of Knighthood

 Ye Olde English Sayings

 ZIP Codes, Area Codes, & City Search

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