Statistical Sources: Criminal Justice

 Academic Crime Statistics Link Guide

 Alcohol Statistical Information

 Bureau of Justice Statistics

 Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics

 Capital Punishment Survey Report

 Child Abuse & Child Sexual Abuse Statistics

 Child Abuse & Neglect Statistics from the National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse

 County & City Crime Statistics Link Guide

 Crime & Justice Electronic Data Abstracts

 Crime & Juvenile Justice Tables: Centre for Europe's Children

 Crime on College Campuses: Facts & Figures

 Crime Statistics/Rates Link Guide & Tutorial

 Criminal Justice Statistics: A Reference Guide

 Death Penalty Statistics

 Easy Access: Detailed Information on Juvenile Crime & the Juvenile Justice System

 Facts About the Death Penalty

 Federal Justice Statistics Resource Center

 FBI Crime Statistics

 Historical Crime Statistics Link Guide

 Indicators of School Crime & Safety, 1999

 International Crime Statistics Link Guide

 Justice Research & Statistics Association

 Justice Information Center (NCJRS): Criminal Justice Statistics WWW Sites

 Mansfield University Library: Statistical Resources Guide, Crime & Criminal Justice

 Measuring, Explaining & Confronting Crime

 Michigan State University Main Library: Criminal Justice Resources - Crime Statistics

 NACJD: National Archive of Criminal Justice Data

 National Center for Victims of Crime: Statistics

 National Crime Statistics Link Guide

 National Clearinghouse for Criminal Justice Information Systems

 National Data Archive on Child Abuse & Neglect

 Nation's Two Crime Measures

 NCIC 2000 Newsletter Directory

 New Zealand: Annual Crime Statistics

 Number Crunchers Precision Journalism: Crime-Statistics Tables

 SEARCH: National Consortium for Justice Information & Statistics

 Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics

 SSBR: Crime

 State Crime Statistics Link Guide

 Statistics of Democide: Genocide & Mass Murder Since 1900

 Statistical Analysis Centers Online

 Uniform Crime Reports: County Level Data

 United Nations Survey of Crime Trends and Operations of Criminal Justice Systems: Datasets

 U.S. Academic Crime Statistics Link Guide

 Where Does Crime Data Come From?

Statistical Sources: General

AECF: Kids Count, 1999

America's Children: 1999

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Data

Census: U.S. Population Clock

CIA: Handbook of International Economic Statistics, 1998

Compensation & Working Conditions

Cost-of-Living Calculator

Council of European Social Science Data Archives

Data Analysis in the Social Sciences: Data Repositories

DATANET: Online Information

Database Central: Database Tutorials, Tips, Software & More

Data Resources for Sociologists

Demographic Data Viewer

Demography & Population Studies: WWW Servers

Digest of Education Statistics: 1996

Directorate for Information Operations & Reports: Source of Statistical Information on the Department of Defense

EconData & Links

Economic Statistics Briefing Room

Education Statistics Quarterly

Euromonitor: Business Information Publishers

Fedstats: One Stop Shopping for Federal Statistics

Finding Data on the Internet: A Journalist's Guide

Frequently Requested Tables from the Statistical Abstract

Gallup Organization

General Social Survey: Data and Information Retrieval System

Government Information Sharing Project

Health Statistics

Historical United States Census Data Browser

Infonation: Compare Statistical Data for States of the United Nations

Institute for Research in Social Science, Public Opinion Poll Question Database: Poll Item Database Query Page

Links to Other Information Resources

National Center for Charitable Statistics

National Center for Education Statistics

National Opinion Research Center

Office for National Statistics: UK

Oklahoma Data & Statistcs

Online University Survey/Public Opinion Research Centers

Political Database of the Americas

Poll Item Database Query Page

PollingReport.Com: Public Opinion Online

Population Index

Public Agenda Online: Public Opinion and Public Policy

Public Opinion Quarterly Index

ROAD: Record Of American Democracy Documentation

Roper Center for Public Opinion Research

Searching for Data

Social Indicators Site

Social Science: Social Research, Data Collections

Social Statistics Briefing Room

Socioeconomic Data & Applications Center

State Rankings

Statistical Abstract of the United States

Statistical Agencies: International

Statistics & Demographics

Statistics Canada

Statistical Sources

Statistics Resources on the Web

Statistical Resources on the Web: University of Michigan Library

The Pulse: A Consumer's Guide to Public Opinion Data on the Web

University of Michigan Library: Statistical Resources

Uncle Sam: Statistical Resources of the U.S.

U.K. National Digital Archive of Datasets

U.S. Business Advisor

U.S. Census Bureau

Vital Records Information: United States

Wide World of Web Data

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