Criminal Justice Career Resources

General Career & Job Resources

 Academic Employment Network

 Academic Position Network

 American Association of Community Colleges: Careerline

 America's Career InfoNet

 America's Job Bank


 Back Door Jobs: Short-Term Job Adventures

 Be Your Own Headhunter

 Black Collegian Online: Career Site for Students & Professionals of Color

 Boldface Jobs

 BrassRing Campus: Career-Building Service for Young Adults with Zero to Five Years of Work Experience

 Business Week Online: Careers

 Career Action Center

 Career Avenue


 CareerCast, Inc.

 Career Centers at Various Universities Around the Globe

 CareerCity Jobs & Employment Jobs in Dallas

 Career Exposure Executive Career Site from the Wall Street Journal

 Career Magazine


 Careers In Education

 Careers On-line

 Careers.Org: Career Resource Center

 Career Pal



 Career Resource Homepage

 Careerweb: Employment Guide's CareerWeb

 Career Women


 Chronicle of Higher Education: Career Network

 College Grad Job Hunter: Entry Level Jobs for College Students & Recent Grads

 College News Online: Career Link

 College Recruiter

 Computer Jobs & Technical Employment

 Contract Employment Weekly Job Search Engine for Computer Employment

 E-cv USA: Career Networking Solution for Professionals

 Electronic Recruiting News

 Employers Direct

 Entry-Level Job Opportunities

 Excite Employment Classifieds

 Excite's Careers & Education

 Federal Job Source

 Federal Jobs Central

 Federal Jobs Digest: Fee Service

 Federal Jobs for College Graduates

 Federal Jobs: On the Net

 FedWorld U.S. Govt Federal Job Search

 Feminist Career Center

 GO Jobs

 Good Works: A Guide to Social Change Careers Job Seeker Homepage

 Help Wanted Network

 Higher Education Jobs

 Hire-Ed: Job Search Site for Those Seeking Employment in Higher Education

 H-Net Job Guide: Higher Education Enployment in the Humanities & Social Sciences Diversity Job Bank

 Information Professional's Career Page

 Internet Career Connection

 Internet Job Search Strategies

 Internet Job Source:

 Internet Job Surfer

 Jobs Beat

 Job Databases by Professional Societies




 Jobs in Government



 Job Postings for Benefits & HR Professionals

 Job Resource

 Job Search

 Job Search Engine: Checks Multiple Job Boards at Once for Free

 Job Search Strategies

 Job Seeker News

 Job Seekers' Support

 Job Sleuth


 Jobs Overseas

 JobStar: California Job Search Guide



 Jobweb Interactive Career Management & Recruitment Service


 NationJob Network

 National Teacher Recruitment Clearinghouse


 NJ Jobs: New Jersey Jobs/Dmployment Opportunities

 Nonprofit Career Network

 Oklahoma's Job Net

 Oklahoma Marketplace

 Online Job Resources

 OpportunityNOCs: Source of Nonprofit Jobs & Career Opportunities

 Peace Corps

 Private School Employment Network

 Quintessential Careers: College, Careers & Jobs Guide

 Recruiters Online Network


 Riley Guide: Employment Opportunities & Job Resources on the Internet

 Saludos Hispanos: Hispanic Employment Service


 Teacher Job Links

 Teachers @ Work

 Teacher's Employment Network

 Teaching Jobs Overseas Technology Career Control Center

 Texas Teaching Jobs

 University Job Bank Free Resumes, Jobs & Job Listings

 USAJOBS: United States Office Of Personnel Management Insider Career Network Teaching Positions

 Working Diva: Success on Your Own Terms

 Yahoo! Careers

 Yahoo! Classifieds

Resume, Cover Letter & Follow-Up/Thank You Letter Assistance

 20 Cover Letter Blunders To Avoid

 24 Hot Tips on Resume Writing

 200 FREE Cover Letters for Job Hunters

 AccuResume Writer: Create Resumes in HTML & ASCII - ZDNet Downloads

 Action Words for Resumes & Cover Letters

 ASCII Résumés

 Best College Cover Letters

 Best College Résumés

 Cover Letters

 Cover Letters

 Cover Letters

 Cover Letters & Thank You Notes

 Cover Letters for Resumes

 Creating a Resume & Cover Letter

 Electronic Resume Tips

 Eleven Tips for Winning Cover Letters

 Employment Applications Resume Writing Service

 FAQs of Posting Résumés Online

 Fee-Based Resume Databases: The Riley Guide

 Four Resume Tools for an Effective Job Search Campaign

 Free Resume Databases: The Riley Guide

 Gallery of Best Resumes: Resume Examples & Cover Letter Examples

 Guide to Resume Writing

 Hot Resumes: Post Your Resume Free

 How to Create an On-Line Resume

 How to Write a Cover Letter

 How to Write a Cover Letter

 How To Write a Masterpiece of a Resume

 How To Write A Resume

 How to Write a Resume

 Impact Letter

 Job Search Correspondence

 Job Search Correspondence: Writing A Great Letter

 Keyword Résumé Tutorial

 Letter Writing

 Parts of a Resume

 Portfolios For Success

 Professional Resume Writing Service


 Resume & Cover Letter Guide

 Resume Examples

 Resume Innovations

 Resume Orientation

 Resume Store International

 ResumeTutor: Identifying Information

 Resume Worksheet

 Resume Writing

 Resume Writing

 Resume Writing: 10 Tips to Bullet Proof Your Resume

 Resume Writing for Championship Results

 Resume Writing Information

 Resume Writing Tips for Legal Positions

 Resume Writing: Samples, Examples & Templates

 Resume Writing Software & Job Searching Software, Shareware & Freeware

 Resume Writing Tips: 60 Free Resume & Job Search Workshops



 Resumes Resume Distribution & Resume Submission Service

 Right Resume for Windows: Create a Resume in Minutes - ZDNet Downloads

 Sample Resumes/Letters

 Scanner-friendly vs. Scanner-unfriendly Résumés

 Submit Your Résumé using E-mail

 Ten Tips for Winning Thank-You Letters

 Ten Ways to Build A Better Career Search Thank You Letter

 Thank You Letters

 Tips on Writing an Excellent Cover Letter for Your Resume

 Tips to Writing a Cover Letter

 What is the Right Resume for Me

 Writing a Knock-'Em-Dead Resume

 Writing a Resume

 Writing a Persuasive Cover Letter

 Your Resume

Interview Assistance

 50 Practice Interview Questions

 Behavioral Interviews

 Dress & Grooming

 Dress for Success

 Exit Interview

 Fashion Tips for Job Interviews

 How to Interview

 Informational Interviewing


 Interview Etiquette

 Interview Network: Interview Questions & Answers, Interviewing Tips, Mock Interviews

 Interview Orientation

 Interview Process

 Interview Questions

 Interview Sample Questions

 Interview Tips


 Interviewing: Interview Horror Stories

 Interviewing: Putting Your Best Foot Forward

 Job Hunt: Is the Paper Resume Obsolete

 Job Interview

 Job Interviewing

 Networking: The Informational Interview

 Preparing for Your Interviews

 Right Answers to Tough Interview Questions

 Site Interview Orientation

 Telephone Scripts

 Virtual Job Interview

 World's Biggest Job Interview Question Bank

Criminal Justice Job Resources

 2001 Federal Law Enforcement Officer Locality Pay Tables

 9-1-1 Magazine: Recruitment Listings

 Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences: Employment Bulletin

 AdviseNet: On-Line Criminal Justice Adviser

 American Correctional Association: JobBank

 American Society of Criminology: Professional Employment Law Enforcement Employment

 Attorney Jobs


 BackUp: Employment by State

 Blue Line: Police Opportunity Monitor

 California Law Enforcement Center: Fee

 Career Center: Paralegal

 Career Choices: Paralegal

 Career Development & Placement Resources for Criminal Justice Students

 Career Opportunities in Criminal Justice

 Career Opportunities with a Major in Criminal Justice & Criminology

 Career Planning for Lawyers

 Career Planning in Criminal Justice

 Career Profile: Attorney

 Career Profile: Corporate Lawyer

 Career Profile: Corrections Officer

 Career Profile: Court Reporter

 Career Profile: Criminologist

 Career Profile: Detective/Private Investigator

 Career Profile: FBI Agent

 Career Profile: Paralegal

 Career Profile: Park Ranger

 Career Profile: Police Officer/Manager

 Career Profile: Professor

 Career Profile: Researcher

 Career Profile: Sociologist

 Career Profile: Substance Abuse Counselor

 Career Profile: Trial Lawyer

 Career Services: Criminal Justice

 Career Resource Center: Criminal Justice

 Career Videos:

     Correction Officers & Jailers

     Dispatchers, Police, Fire & Ambulance

     Emergency Medical Technicians

     Guards & Watch Guards


     Paralegal Personnel

     Police & Detectives

     Sheriffs & Deputy Sheriffs

 Careers In Criminal Justice

 Careers in Criminal Justice

 Careers in Criminal Justice & Links to those Agencies

 Careers In Law Enforcement

 Careers, Jobs, Salary Surveys & Recruiters: for Legal Professionals Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice-Careers, Jobs & Employment Information

 Cop Jobs: Oklahoma Careers in Law Enforcement

 CopSeek Directory & Police Search Engine: Law Enforcement Career Centre


 Cop Spot: Criminal Justice Career & Training Information

 Correctional Officers

 Correctional Officers

 Corrections Officers: Careers & Work

 Corrections, Probation Jobs Await Criminal Justice Majors

 Court Clerks: Careers & Work

 Court Reporters: Careers & Work

 Court Reporters, Medical Transcriptionists, & Stenographers

 Crime & Intelligence Analysts

 Crime Laboratory Director's Advice to a Student Considering a Career in Forensic Science

 Criminal Justice Career Oportunities

 Criminal Justice Employment Opportunities

 Criminal Justice Employment Opportunties Links

 Criminal Justice Job Search Help Page

 Criminal Justice Jobs: Both State & Federal

 Criminal Justice Jobs.Com

 Criminal Justice Jobs on the Web

 Criminal Justice Program: Jobs & Internships

 Criminal Justice Related Careers


 Detectives & Investigators: Careers & Work


 Employment & Jobs in Law Enforcement & Police Agencies

 Employment Mega-Sites in Criminal Justice

 Entering the World of Law Enforcement

 Federal Judiciary: Employment Database

 Federal Law Enforcement Careers: Fee

 FindLaw: Legal Employment Resources

 Fingerprint Classifiers

 Fish & Game Wardens

 Fish & Game Wardens: Careers & Work Criminal Justice Job Openings


 Hieros Gamos: Legal Employment Center Legal jobs, Attorneys, Paralegals & Legal Secretaries

 International Fire & Police Recruitment Administration: Fee

 Jobs in Criminal Justice

 Job Links for Lawyers

 JurisDoctor: Career Empowerment & Transition Support Services for Attorneys Career Center

 Law & Order Job Database

 Law Enforcement Employment Bulletin

 Law Enforcement Employment Directory

 Law Enforcement Employment Services

 Law Enforcement Jobs & Employment

 Law Enforcement Officers: Careers & Work

 Law Enforcement Online: List of Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice Agencies on the Web(Over 4000)

 Law Enforcement Recruiting Directory

 Law Enforcement Sites on the Web - Part 2: Job in Law Enforcement Legal Jobs & Employment

 Lawyers & Judicial Workers

 Lawyers: Careers & Work

 Lawyers Guide to JobSurfing on the Internet

 Legal Assistants: Careers & Work

 Legal Career Resources

 Legal Employment Search Site


 Legal Jobs

 Legal Secretaries

 Legal Secretaries: Careers & Work


 Majors & Careers: Criminal Justice

 Missouri Law Enforcement Job Openings

 National Association of Legal Assistants: Legal Career Center

 National Directory of Emergency Services: Police & Fire Department Job Information Database

 National Institute of Justice Position Announcements

 National Lawyers Association Resume Forum

 National Legal Aid & Defender Association: Job Opportunities

 NationJob: Legal Jobs Page

 OnPatrol: Employment Listings


 Paralegal Classifieds



 Park Ranger

 Parking Enforcement Officer

 Parole & Probation Officers: Careers & Work

 Police & Detectives

 Police Consulting Services: Testing, Selection & Retention Police Law Enforcement Employment Page

 Police Guide's Law Enforcement Job Fair

 Police Jobs & Police Related Employment

 Police Jobs: Fee

 PoliceJobsNet: Fee

 Police Officer

 Peace Officer Background Investigation Tracking System

 Police Supervisor

 Probation Officers & Parole Agents

 Private Detective & Investigator

 Private Detectives & Investigators

 Psychological Screening & Testing of Public Safety

 Public Safety Job Database: Fee

 Saludos Law & Order Career Guide

 Security & Alarm Systems Technicians: Careers & Work

 Security Guards

 Security Guards: Careers & Work

 Security Jobs Network

 Security Officer

 Selected Criminal Justice Job Related Internet Sites

 Select Job Titles in Criminal Justice

 Sheriff & Bailiff

 Shorthand Reporters & Court Reporters

 Social Law Library: Employment Resources

 United States Law Enforcement Services: Fee

 What do I do with a Criminal Justice Major

 What Lawyers Earn

 Women Peace Officers Association of California: Job Page

General  Resources

 22 Career Lessons

 Best College References

 Building A Network

 Career Development Manual

 Career Exploration Guides

 Career Planning

 Career Planning Process

 Conducting A Job Search

 Drug Testing

 Entry Level Job Seeker Assistant

 Facts About Race/Color Discrimination

 Facts About Sexual Harassment

 How to Find a Job

 Job Campaign

 Job Hunting Myths

 Job Lead Sources

 Job Location

 Job-Market Myths Revealed

 Job Searching

 Job Search Tracking

 Networking: Getting Started

 Northeastern State University: Office of Placement Services

 Occupational Outlook Handbook: 2000-01 Edition

 Resources for Job Seekers & Employers

 Staying Optimistic During the Job Hunt

 Telephone Networking

Job Evaluation Resources

 2001 Federal GS Locality Pay Tables

 AIRS: Productivity, Hiring Tools & Salary Surveys

 Apartments, Rentals & Moving Resources

 Assessment Tools

 Bureau of Labor Statistics

 Cost of Living Analysis for the year 2001

 Employee Relocation Council

 Excite Travel

 Federal Employee's Survival Guide

 How to Evaluate a Job Offer

 International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

 International Real Estate Digest

 Job Offers & Salary

 Job Success Skills

 Making the Transition from College to Career

 Occupational Employment & Wage Estimates

 PayCheckCity.Com: Free Paycheck Calculators


 Relocation: Nationwide Real Estate & Moving Resource

 Salary Calculator: Relocation, Cost of Living & Real Estate What are you worth?

 Salary Negotiation

 Salary & Compensation Information

 Salary & Offers

 Salaries & Wages

 Salary Survey Links

 Starting a New Job

 Tests, Tests, Tests...

 Quitting Your Job

 Usual Weekly Earnings of Wage & Salary Workers

 USA CityLink

 WageWeb: Salary Survey Data On-Line

 Yahoo! Real Estate City Comparison

 Your First Job: Making a Good Impression

Alternatives to Finding a Job

 Educational Testing Service Network

 Forensic Science Graduate Programs

 Graduate School

 Graduate School Guide

 Gradute Study in Criminal Justice & Criminology

 How to get into Graduate & Professional School

 U.S. Graduate & Professional Schools

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For Information on  International Criminal Justice and Criminal Justice in selected countries go to my Comparative Criminal Justice Resources Page.

For Information on Criminal Justice History go to my Criminal Justice History Resources Page.

For Information on Planning, Research and Research Methods, Statistics, Selected Information and Statistics Sources, Writing and Writing Assistance, Studing and Learning, and Methods for Searching the Net go to my Criminal Justice Research & Learning Resources Page.

For information on Victims, Victimology, Victim/Offender Mediation & Dispute Resolution, Restorative Justice, Grief & Victim Support & Spicific Crimes go to my Victim & Victimology Resources Page.

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