Dolphin WebQuest

By Julie Dobbs


Introduction Task Resources Process Evaluation Conclusion


Introduction: You are going to take a dive with the dolphins. During your adventure you will learn how dolphins breath, eat and swim. Have Fun!!!!!


Task: Find a partner to explore with. During your dive with the dolphins you will find out the parts of a dolphin, how they breathe and how they communicate with each other.


Resources: Bottlenose Dolphin Printout-

                   McDonalds Dolphin Education Project


Process: Click on the dolphin then print out the worksheet and label the parts of the dolphin. For additional help go to resources.


Answer these questions about dolphins using your resources.

1.What do dolphins eat?

2. How do dolphins breathe?

3. How do dolphins communicate with each other?

4. How do dolphins swim?


Click on the dolphin to print out a coloring sheet. Color it and hand it in with the rest of your work.



                             Worksheet 5pts.

                        Questions 3pts.

                        Coloring sheet 2pts.

8-10pts. Excellent

7-5pts. Fair

5-below Needs Improvement


Conclusion: We will end our webquest by sharing our coloring sheets with the rest of the class. We will then hang them on the wall in class.