Personal Web Page Guidelines

Northeastern State University recognizes the value and potential of publishing on the Internet, and so allows and encourages students, staff, and faculty to publish electronic information on the World Wide Web.

 Please refer to the General NSU Policies for the World Wide Web

 In contrast with official NSU web pages, personal webpages are the responsibility of the individual student, faculty or staff and are not sponsored by NSU. These pages will not be maintained by NSU webmaster. Each page must comply with copyright laws, obscenity laws, defamation laws, harassment laws, the Right to Privacy Act, NSU standards and policies, and any appropriate Federal, State, or local laws regulating computer and telecommunications use. NSU equipment can not be used for commercial, political or religious purposes. Pages violating these policies must be corrected or personal web page privileges will be removed.

 Individuals should apply for space on the NSU webserver. The application consists of:

When the request is granted, individuals will get disk space, FTP account, and personal URL on the web server. The default page from the template will be also created in this new location.

If you want to apply for account now, please advance to the appropiate form :

Limited support is available for training and management. Individuals should be prepared to keep their information up to date.

 An NSU Webpage Style Guide is available, as are basic templates for homepages, resumes, and course syllabi. The guide also includes links to webpage authoring information.


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Last updated: January 20, 2004